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Media Group Fsetyt Com – cooperate with advertisers

Media Group Fsetyt Com – cooperate with advertisers

We are glad to welcome you on our site

Media group Fsetyt Com currently manages a number of specialized projects – thematic sites and information portals. Add your information about your company’s services, feedback about the site or product on one or more of our projects and get more visitors and calls.

Advertising news or an article about products, promotions or events is an ideal way to bring information in a customer-friendly perspective.

We accept applications for placing thematic articles in our magazine. It is desirable to send original materials with your references (no more than 3 pieces).

Your company can add an unlimited number of its articles with links to one or more of our sites. Send the applications to our e-mail address.

Principles of Fsetyt Com activities

  • professionalism – we professionally and quickly post your articles on the selected project
  • speed and perfection – we keep pace with the times – that’s why on our sites always fresh and interesting content
  • partnership – we are interested in long-term cooperation with both major advertising agencies and private clients
  • confidentiality – any commercial and private information is confidential information and is not subject to disclosure, under no circumstances


We are ready for cooperation!

Do you have what to advertise? Then we have where to place your articles and texts with links to your site. All you need to do is write to us. We will contact you and clarify the details, and then … You can pay us even after posting your articles.

Write – it will be interesting for us to cooperate with you.

Please, describe the essence of your proposal to our e-mail: info@two-group.ru

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Media Group Fsetyt Com – cooperate with advertisers

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