How to choose a mixer: the hosts note

Buying a device, we first need to understand what benefits you want to receive the purchased goods, and how necessary for us set of features it should possess.

In this article we will discuss one of the essential appliances in the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes that has simple name mixer.

Also we will answer such frequently asked questions: what is the difference of hand mixer from stationary, what power to choose the mixer as well, what are pulse mode and what is the optimal number of speeds should be in the mixer.

After reading this article, You will learn what important things you should pay attention to when purchasing a mixer, and the intricacies of its use.

To the question about the types of handheld or stationary?

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – ручной миксерThere are two types of mixers: handheld and stationary.

Feature of use the hand mixer is that for whipping products You choose the place and the dishes in which to mix the ingredients.

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – стационарный миксерTitle fixed instruments speaks for itself, and it explains what this type of mixer is installed in a certain place and has a removable bowl for whipping ingredients.

With this design, the stationary mixer can be left on without supervision, devoting free time to other pursuits. When a stationary mixer is turned on, the beaters for whipping are not in the same position and move in a special path that allows without your intervention to ensure uniform mixing of all components.

The more expensive and advanced models added the function of rotation of the bowl while whisking, ensure all components are mixed and whipped more evenly and quickly.

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – ручной миксерHand mixer also has its own characteristics of use.

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At the time of whipping this device must constantly hold the weight, while still making a rotational movement to the same components mixed evenly throughout the volume of liquid.

In spite of this for some very awkward thing, the hand mixer does not require a specific location for installation. It is compact, easily assembled and disassembled and can be stored in a closet, saving work surface on the kitchen table.

Many make a choice in favor of a hand mixer, on the basis of these.

With all the emphasis on power

One of the main criteria that you should look for when choosing a mixer is its power. It is from this indicator will depend on the weight and volume of products that You can mix and timing of continuous operation.

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – взбиваем яйца

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – взбиваем тестоIf You cook in small portions, and you only need a mixer to whip the batter for pancakes, mashed potatoes or eggs for an omelet, make a choice in favor of models with small capacity.

The best choice are manual mixers with engine 300 – 400 W, which have a relatively inexpensive cost, and will be indispensable in home use in that case, if at one time You recycle a small number of products.

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – взбиваем тестоStationary mixers tend to have higher power (400 – 700w) and is able to cope with more serious challenges, namely, shake and stir large amounts of ingredients.

By purchasing such a device, You can easily prepare dough for noodles or ravioli, and will be able to beat the unbeatable protein mass to baked goods.

If hand mixer with capacity of 250-300 watts overpower the dough weighing 0.5 — 1 kg, then the stationary unit will easily cope even with 3 — 3,5 kg of dough.

The number of speeds and pulse mode

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – количество скоростейDepending on the model and type of the mixer, its control consists in switching speeds, as well as activation of the pulse mode.In the speed of the mixer can be from 2 to 10. As a rule, for daily preparation of meals you will be enough of a device with 5-6 speeds.

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As for pulse mode, then the essence of pressing this button is that the more You push the button on the mixer, the faster the rotation and Vice versa. This is a very convenient feature that will allow you to fully control the whole process of mixing ingredients.

As in all small home appliances for safe use, the majority of high quality models of mixers have the function of protection from overheating. In case of malfunction of heating equipment up to a critical temperature, the system automatically stops supplying current to the device.

The set of nozzles

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – насадки миксераOnce You have decided what power mixer you need, the second most important thing that you need to pay attention to are the attachments for the mixer. They differ from each other in form and purpose (each pair of nozzles is designed for the processing of certain types of products).

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – насадки миксера Standard any mixer includes two pairs of nozzles: hooks for kneading the dough for cakes or cupcakes, as well as steel beaters for whipping liquid ingredients such as eggs, cream or batter for pancakes.

In addition to the standard, manual model mixers can be equipped with nozzles function blender, electric knife, universal grinder, and even a device for sifting flour.

The need for extra attachments depends on whether you have the same technique that is able to perform the same function. For example, if in home use there is no blender, the blender attachment the mixer is a copy of the manual of blender, You can whip smoothies, chop fruit and vegetables, or preparing soups.

The power of innovation

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – хитрости использованияOver the past decade appliances like mixer, was able to evolve from small capacity devices with one button up to the newest models that have different regimes and a large number of speeds.

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When buying and using a mixer, in addition to new and modern features, do not forget to pay attention to several important details:

Как выбрать миксер хозяйкам на заметку – хитрости использования 1. What material is made the mixer and if this is a stationary model, from which it is made the bowl for kneading. Buying a plastic model, carefully examine the mixer for cracks, cracks or chipping. Metal mixers better, but buying a model of this material, it is also important for the metal was high quality.

2. In order to conveniently store the mixer, buy the model with the compartment for the cord.

3. If you knead very stiff dough, never do it the regular nozzle for mixing – otherwise the mixer engine to burn.

4. Nozzle-fit beaters for whipping eggs for scrambled eggs, creams, sour cream, batter, etc.

5. While mashing do not use a normal knife for vegetables, as in this case, the mixer may overheat. This head knife is best suited for a mixture of vegetables.

The results

Stationary mixers of large capacity it is better to choose in the case if You are a happy owner of a numerous family, whereas, if in the house there from 1 to 3 people, you will be enough and manual unit with a capacity of 300-400 watts.

Mixer – is a device that can save you a lot of time in cooking your favorite dishes.

Using the tips from this article, You can easily pick up the model that will become your real helper in the kitchen.

To ensure that the mixer lasts a long time and efficiently, give preference to manufacturers that have proved themselves on the market: Bosch, Bosch, Braun, Philips, Kenwood etc.

To see detailed information and buy mixers.

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