OnePlus and Meizu convicted of fraud benchmarks (3 photos)

OnePlus и Meizu уличили в обмане бенчмарков (3 фото)

If you remember the rating of the most powerful smartphones in 2016, followed by the two new iPhone is Chinese flagship OnePlus 3T. However, users have begun to doubt the power of the Chinese, and suspected the company of deliberate dispersal “of iron”, as it is a few years ago revealed some of the smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung and HTC. Using a tool Snapdragon Performance Visualizer that tracks the speed of the processor when running different applications, users of the XDA Developers forum noticed the strange behavior of the Snapdragon 821: after running some benchmarks processor frequency was increased and did not return to normal levels. Since OnePlus 3T there’s nothing more loaded, it seemed suspicious.

OnePlus и Meizu уличили в обмане бенчмарков (3 фото)

In order to verify their conjectures, enthusiasts turned to the developers of Geekbench. Those, in turn, has provided a special version of the app that a smartphone can’t identify as a benchmark. Comparing the results with data from standard benchmarks, users have seen their assumptions — OnePlus cheating with performance. OnePlus 3T overstates the frequency of nuclei in AnTuTu, Androbench, Quadrant, and Vellamo. In their defense, the OnePlus representatives said that they launched a mechanism primarily designed for performance in heavy games, but in future updates OxygenOS flagman will stop to activate it in the benchmarks.

OnePlus и Meizu уличили в обмане бенчмарков (3 фото)

In similar frauds caught Meizu smartphone Pro 6, operating on 10-core CPU Helio X25.


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