Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 4 due to battery life issues

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Samsung отзывает Galaxy Note 4 из-за проблем с аккумулятором
Samsung is once again faced with problems related to the safe operation of smartphones series Galaxy Note. At this time, due to fire hazards comments model Galaxy Note 4, released in 2014. Users call urgently to replace the battery or just turn the phone off. The process initiated by the American safety Commission consumer products.

In contrast to the seventh model, which brought the company a real fiasco, this time we are talking about the return of all 10 of thousands of batteries from other manufacturers. They were all installed on the gadgets on the warranty conditions, which was performed at the FedEx Supply Chain. On the part of such batteries defects that can lead to significant overheating and even fire. The reason for the revocation was only one case of overheating, in which no one was hurt.

Since the batteries this model has a removable, larger problems with the exchange should arise. FedEx has organized the packing and shipping of new components.


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