8799 Some Galaxy S8 spontaneously reboot

Some Galaxy S8 spontaneously reboot

Некоторые Galaxy S8 самопроизвольно перезагружаются

Smartphone users GalaxyS8 actively discussing the issue, recently revealed the new flagship of the South Korean company Samsung — devices start automatically reboot. Given the popularity of the topic of spontaneous cyclical rebooting, forums, support Samsung on Reddit and other forums dedicated to the latest technology, this problem has affected many users GalaxyS8. However, some users claim that the situation is directly related to the microSD card. Also there were statements about the impossibility to correctly include the smartphone emerged after cyclic reboot.

A broad discussion on spontaneous reboot GalaxyS8 on the official Samsung website in a separate topic, which at the moment already takes more than 20 pages. The main problems owners of the new model associated with reboots and incorrect operation of the memory card. The owners point to occur during the operation of smartphones such complications as spontaneous moving apps, or an inability to switch on the device after a cyclic reboot.

The greatest concern and dissatisfaction among the users is the constant rebooting GalaxyS8, repeated just a few minutes. Partially solved the issue with the whole memory reset the device to factory settings, but some users claim that it is a half measure, which can only help for a few hours. So, at the request of one of the participants of the discussion, he already had a full memory reset 15 times, but it’s not eliminated the problem.

At the moment Samsung has not officially explained the causes of the technical problems. Users flagships not working correctly when interacting with a microSD memory card or after transfer data and apps from your previous device, Samsung offered to exchange the device for a new one or send them in for repair.

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