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Tamagotchi Forever Lands With Unannounced AR Feature In Tow

After spending some time in Google Play’s pre-registration games section, My Tamagotchi Forever has finally released for Android. Best of all, this modern twist on a 90’s classic digital pet title even managed to squeeze in at least one new feature that wasn’t initially announced as part of the pre-release. Namely, the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe team behind Tamagotchi Forever implemented A.R. functionality into the hide-and-seek minigame so that users can play with their Tamagotchi in the real world. Moreover, players can also explore Tamatown – an in-game location for finding new friends and treasure – in AR too.

Aside from those new inclusions, this game should be very familiar to anybody who happened to own one of the digital pets two decades ago, when they were first introduced as a standalone handheld. The primary goal of the game is to feed, bathe, play with, take to the bathroom, tuck in at night, and evolve cute little monsters called Tamagotchi. That helps them to stay both happy and healthy as they grow. In this new modern take on the game, players will also collect and share memorable moments from the game with friends and family, while also trying to collect coins and other treasure to level up and decorate their world. Extra food, clothing, and other goodies are unlockable specifically for Tamagotchi throughout the process. It goes without saying that there are plenty of imitations of this game on the Play Store but one would be remiss to not give a new official take on the original a try.

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My Tamagotchi Forever is free-to-play with in-app purchases available to those players who feel a bit impatient and want to move forward a bit more quickly. Users shouldn’t have to buy those items in order to progress and there isn’t a lot of competition to the game so they won’t necessarily provide a huge advantage. However, it is worth noting that those purchases range from $2 to $100. So, parents will definitely want to lock down in-app purchases behind a password or fingerprint before handing this title over to one of their children to play. In the meantime, My Tamagotchi Forever is optimized for Android 4.2 or newer. It won’t likely be too intensive but there are probably some API in those versions of Android that it takes advantage of so users will want to make sure they’re running a newer version of the OS before downloading.

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Tamagotchi Forever Lands With Unannounced AR Feature In Tow

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