A comparison of the video recording functions of the five flagships with a “live” concert (video)

Сравнение видеовозможностей пяти флагманов с «живого» концерта (видео)

When purchasing a smartphone potential customers in addition to the basic characteristics, stable operation, the duration of offline mode, screen resolution, CPU power and are interested in additional features such as photo and video shooting. Modern flagship models have high-tech sensors capable of performing not only photos with a high degree of detail, but also to movies of dynamic events. To check video and audio quality, it was selected five of the top smartphones popular manufacturers: Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 7 Axon ZTE, Meizu Pro 6 Plus, OnePlus 3T, the ASUS Zenfone Zoom 3. The comparison was performed at the joint concert of the cover band Garage Dayz and Tomsk Academic Symphony orchestra.

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All selected for testing smartphones have, as befits a modern flagship, feature optical image stabilization (OIS), the survey was conducted in 4K resolution at maximum quality settings (ZTE Axon 7 involved a codec N. 265). The video quality of all the phones was excellent, with a stable video image without shaking. Stood out the iPhone 7 Plus with a practical 2-fold optical zoom and 10 x digital zoom, which provides high-quality images with smooth cinematic “attacks” the camera. Smartphone ZTE Axon 7, OnePlus 3T pleased with the high saturation and contrast of the image. In a detailed analysis, you can see that the ASUS Zenfone Zoom 3 generates less sharp video images of the device is not involved, the second camera has a 2.3 x zoom which is designed only for capturing photos.

Quality audio should be allocated clearly inferior in quality to the smartphone Meizu Pro 6 Plus, which writes the sound in mono with a bitrate of 96 kbps and a frequency of 16 kHz, whereas for other devices the average value is in the range of 44-48 kHz. For iPhone 7 characterized by stable sound and bass. Axon 7 is captured in a kind of gurgling sound, characteristic of low bitrate, and OnePlus 3T only sounds good through the speakers, if I just put on headphones quality, as shortcomings in the transfer of low and high frequencies. Leader in sound among the test leaders recognized Zenfone Zoom 3, but it is far from ideal smartphone capable of flawlessly transfer audio atmosphere of the concert.

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