Apple has lowered the quality settings to increase the release of the iPhone X

Apple понизила параметры качества для увеличения выпуска iPhone X

For several months there are numerous reports that Apple has problems with the accessories for the 3D camera iPhone X. In this regard, the production volume of flagman did not meet the schedule. According to Bloomberg, Apple has lowered the bar of requirements for the testing of parts produced, which in turn will expedite the Assembly and subsequent shipment of the iPhone X.

Problems arose in the components of the system Face ID. The infrared projector from the system Face ID consists of very fragile parts. Part of the laser enters the glass lens of the microscopic helium arsenide. This device requires a particularly strict and rigorous testing. According to experts, a variance of a few microns will not allow Face ID to work with absolute precision. According to Bloomberg, the decline in the quality requirements were allowed by Apple in the early fall. To date, manufacturers of lasers were only two, LG and Sharp, the third (Finisar) has failed to comply with the requirements of quality imposed by Apple.

Apple понизила параметры качества для увеличения выпуска iPhone X

Phil Schiller at the presentation of iPhone X said that the system of Face ID is wrong one time in a million applications, which is much higher than Touch ID, which ensures only one mistake in 50 thousand. Thus, a slight decrease of the accuracy of the system still should not fundamentally change the superiority of the new technology. How to actually effect such a reduction of testing requirements details, the consumer knows already 3 Nov.

By the beginning of sales of the iPhone X will be ready 2-3 million ready to sell the devices in total by the end of 2017, Apple promises to deliver about 20 million iPhone X, which is half of the originally scheduled delivery.

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