Display X iPhone users are not happy (7 photos)

Дисплей iPhone X не радует пользователей (7 фото)

Not so long ago, started selling smartphone iPhone X, and it has already had complaints from customers. After about the hanging screens in the cold there were reports about the appearance of vertical stripes of green, which can be on right or left side of the display.

Дисплей iPhone X не радует пользователей (7 фото)

Internet MacRumors counted in network order 20 complaints. All the victims of the defect size is the same, but to talk about the issue in any party or a regional model is not necessary. Errors come from the United States, Canada, Australia, Poland and other countries. The band appeared suddenly and does not disappear even after a device reboot or a system restore from a backup copy, it definitely is not associated with mechanical damage — none of the users didn’t drop the camera.

After a fruitless conduct the above software tricks newly minted iPhone owners X took the defective unit to the service center. Faced with the mass, servisniki replaced free of charge to all devices, however, the representatives of the brand do not understand why this is so. Most likely, the problem is caused by software error, not possible burnout of the screen, which warned the developers themselves. Some remembered that in a similar situation last year hit buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S7, but then the strip was pink. This suggests that the failure of the iPhone display X is associated with the power supply OLED panels produced by the South Korean manufacturer Samsung.

Source: macrumors.com

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