10114 Galaxy S8 was faster iPhone 7 (8 photos)

Galaxy S8 was faster iPhone 7 (8 photos)

Galaxy S8 оказался шустрее iPhone 7 (8 фото)

Flagship smartphones American Apple and South Korean Samsung compare for a long time and will continue to do so as long as manufacturers produce high-tech and competitive modern devices with a wide range of possibilities. When you map a Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 someone looks at the results of synthetic tests, but there are those who trust only the results of the field tests.

Resource Tom’s Guide conducted its own testing of the Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, to reveal what the flagship faster to cope with the tasks: launch applications, camera, edit the video. Was also measured Wi-Fi speed and shot fps rates in games.

Despite the fact that at some stages the difference between the results of competitors was minimal, the results of all tests proved to be ahead of the Galaxy S8. Apple iPhone 7 managed to beat the Korean in the edit a 5 minute video that was required to reduce with a 4K format to a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. To confirm the purity of the experiment, in Tom’s Guide recorded everything on a speed camera.

Source: Tom’s Guide

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