New case for AirPods will be able to charge any electronics, Apple (2 photos)

Новый чехол для AirPods сможет зарядить любую электронику Apple (2 фото)

Apple registered a patent that describes a new charger case for AirPods wireless earphone, is able to act as powerbank to any device endowed with wireless charging technology. Judging by the description, future case-battery will be bigger than the last one and get waterproof properties. Published a list of devices that will be able to eat from it. Among them: mobile phones, gaming systems, camcorders, digital cameras, portable video players, portable music players, projection system, laptops and tablets.

Новый чехол для AirPods сможет зарядить любую электронику Apple (2 фото)

Apparently, in the future Apple will give the wireless charging of all its products. At least as presented to the patent image of the new cover for AirPods will be able to charge the Apple Watch wirelessly. The introduction of this technology expect in the next generation iPhone. In addition, inclusion of some projection systems, suggests the idea of developing a company-branded VR or AR headset. According to unconfirmed information, this device will debut this year.

The battery capacity of the future case for earphone AirPods not specified, but if the description refers to the charging of laptops and tablets, powerbank should be large enough. It is unlikely that the product will make complete. Knowing the love Apple to make money on the accessories, most likely, the new generation of AirPods will be sold with the usual case, a versatile and powerful version can be purchased separately.

Source: Patently Apple

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