Wikileaks told about the CIA operations on unauthorized hacking of Apple devices

Wikileaks поведал об операциях ЦРУ по несанкционированному взлому устройств Apple

New Wikileaks data provide information about the illegal practices of the CIA aimed at hacking Apple gadgets. Published documents relating to the RAID Sonic Screwdriver (sonic screwdriver, universal tool of the popular movie series “Doctor Who”) whose task was to infected desktop computers and Mac laptops by connecting them to a USB drive or Ethernet adapter for the Thunderbolt port.

The operation was carried out in October 2012 and consisted in the fact that a special unit of computer espionage, the CIA penetrated into the computer’s memory, bypassing the restrictive passwords and protection set by the users. Such penetration was possible at the stage of starting the computer to enhance the protection for the extensible firmware interface (EFI) in MacOS launches Thunderbolt to activate the system.

Such penetration had significant shortcomings in view of the fact that such surgery became available only in physical contact with the computer. However, according to Wikileaks, this method was used in 2013 and had the name DerStarke. In the past year, work began on a new version of spy software DerStarke 2.0.

Also represented Wikileaks documents mention the presence of several malicious exploits, ensuring the penetration of mobile iOS. So the program NightSkies, providing the penetration of the iPhone, was developed in 2007 and could be used to supply mobile devices to consumers. In Wikileaks suggest that the use of physical contact with the apparatus belonging to the object of study of intelligence, could be implemented at the time of sale or transport of these gadgets to the user.

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