10369 10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)

10 интересных товаров с AliExpress (май)

A discussion of any material about shopping in the Chinese online resembles a well choreographed theater scene with almost the same set of commentators-artists. Or “artists”, but this is in severe cases. Be sure to find someone expert on the truth-teller, which in a rough form and categorically will start to occur to comment that all this @!#$%* Chinese and useless. Usually, such comments are quickly tinder because of the rudeness of the correct resources will not be tolerated. Then, as a rule, there is a commentator a La friend “good stuff, but I buy nothing will.” Even the obligatory “guest” of the discussion – the reader who will question the quality. Or usefulness of the suggested things. Well what can I say? The Chinese have approximately exactly one quality standard. But remember, if the Chinese product wrapped in packaging and to provide a logo, the better it will become. A utility is a purely individual thing.
So here’s another collection of things under $5. The original comments are welcome. Unoriginal I already know by heart.

1. Box for hard drive

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)
External drive with your hands. Solid state drive in your laptop doesn’t seem to have put just lazy. And the remaining after the upgrade Winchester can be adapted to store backups and important files, including files with photochemi. But one never knows – turn up the virus ransomware will encrypt all, will require money.

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Price: $4,96

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

2. The USB 3.0 Express card adapter

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)
Another useful thing for new laptops. When there is not enough USB ports and the case has the connector Express card – problem is solved installing the adapter. As a result of simple manipulation for installation get two more USB 3.0 ports (backwards compatible).

Price: $5,07

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

3. Reusable capsule for coffee machines

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)

Highly ideological thing, well, just like perenapravlenie compatible printer cartridges. If somewhere gathering dust unit for the production of coffee, but the toad presses to buy capsules here is your solution. Resource one capsule is enough for about 50 servings, comes with three of them at once.

Price: $5,57

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

4. Dishes for snacks in the style of Ctrl+Alt+Del

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)Stylish hamster in front of the monitor is not banned. Small set of three is known to all keys and a small tray, a stylized circuit Board (which also will go for a separate saucer) immediately makes it clear who is a real computer geek.

Price: $of 6.83

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

5. Lenses for working with small objects

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)Here’s how it happens: sitting in a smartphone, pictures, likes, posts read. And then Bang – and it seems like it would be nice glasses to wear. But pride would not allow. The beauty of this thing that just points it doesn’t count. And even with additional lighting. The glass in the kit give a 3.5-fold approach. In order to examine the microbes in the tea Cup will be enough, but for small items will fit perfectly.

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Price: $7,79

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

6. Scissors with laser

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)The skill of the craftsmen from China to reconcile the irreconcilable can only envy. Laser pointer on the scissors for smooth cutting – even “miracle” of engineering. But it works well. Conveniently, when not required to do a full markup on the material.

Price: $3,74

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

7. The fumigator

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)Mosquitoes have already arrived, and this has to be considered. Or fight with all the means at hand. Unlike conventional fumigators that use chemicals, this works from the network and clean slightly less than full. But for the same reason and not so effective. Glowing with pale light, and it will go for a nightlight.

Price: $1,68

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

8. The power button for the computer

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)Sometimes it is necessary to climb under the table to turn on the computer, or on the case is missing a Reset button. And here the solution as a separate accessory. If you pin it under the edge of the table, and every time to turn on the system unit in the manner of a “panic button” to call the security in the fighters. The main thing – not to be confused with the real alarm, if she is still there.

Price: $7,33

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

9. Universal cover for microwave

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)Reheat two dishes at the same time – a trifle, but pleasant. In the morning, saves a little time. Can also be used as a cover when reheating soups, or as a small tray or stand. Not intended to combined modes with grill.

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Price: $3,63

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

10. Device to scare away dogs

10 interesting products from AliExpress (may)The yard is almost summer. And the odds unfriendly watchdogs in the country, during a bike ride or somewhere in the village grow significantly. Simple device will scare away aggressive dogs using ultrasound. So Greenpeace endorses. However, from the mutts, who set out to bite at whatever was, will have to defend themselves by any available means. Minus: the device works from the battery of type “crone”, which is sold separately.

Price: $2,73

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Prices are quoted at the time of writing and over time can change both upwards and downwards.

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