10 kitchen gadgets that are worth to buy on Aliexpress

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10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress

Know what you can do indefinitely? Look at working people, the burning fire and flowing water – all this, of course, Yes. But you can endlessly dig on Aliexpress in search of something really interesting, collecting them in wishlists, then to order. Once wishlists are beginning to swell, to order all you just don’t have time, and there is only one to share your treasure with the world.

Actually, that’s what I now plan to do. In this collection you can find all sorts of small things and gadgets that are really worth paying attention and which are actually used and not just lying in the far drawer.

Well, if you like – will still continue, with new and exciting pieces slightly different plan and price range.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-2

To clean nuts – is not the most pleasant: the fingers pinch, skorlupki flying in all directions, the nut shatters. How to deal with this scourge came up with a cunning kirisci, released here is a closed container with two bolts. Unscrew, insert nut, tightening, tightening, tightening – exactly to the point, inside you will hear “crank!”, and the nut will crack.

Is thing is not very cheap, but do not lead to analogues with a very low price: here, strong ABS plastic, and the cheap crack like the nuts. Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-3

One of the most popular on Ali: kitchen gadgets, and for good reason. With all the compactness and simplicity of construction, this slicer is great with curly cuts various vegetables, even those as hard as a carrot. Of course, all the same can do your combine – the only difference is the size, price and how lazy you will get each of the devices.

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Based on all the same rotation through the thread, and rotates easily enough, no need to use super. Blade – really metallic and sharp. In General, don’t except to clean the gadget it is necessary to adjust (the easiest way under a strong jet of water). Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-4

Don’t know about you, but I infinitely annoying recipes where you have to whip with a mixer something until it evaporates and boils. Just because the outlet is far away from the plate, and over each time to carry to the kitchen extension. If you do it as lazy as me – I advise you to take this thing.

Simple and very compact mixer, blender. Not too powerful – that is, it will not whip whites into a thick foam, to make a creamy masterpiece of art, but it’s great for sauces. In principle, for a milkshake too, so for the summer for trips outside the city the most it. Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-5

However, to take that that thing above is for mobile use – not the fact that is: there is a more interesting device, which is now and tell.

This is the most in front of you in the picture – glass with built-in hand blender is able to grind or subiti. Inside – sharp blades, the outside knob for rotation. Based on all the same is clearly beloved by the Chinese the torque. To get a cocktail, quite a few moments intense jiggled the handle. Minus – not able to handle solid fruits and vegetables. But to make a milkshake or a strawberry smoothie with it, you will easily be able. Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-6

I admit, it’s my favorite thing in this collection: small car, which should roll on the table, chop the herbs, garlic or spices. The process turns out very amusing and funny, and the task can be easily trusted with children. All the blades are hidden inside so no one will cut themselves. They are really sharp, so hard and long to roll the toy is not necessary – and you’re done. Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-7

This compact piece the manufacturer and sellers positioned as a device for slicing bananas, but in practice it turned out to be much more versatile. Blade it is very sharp, the mechanism is shown after the purchase of surprisingly high quality. So in my kitchen this gadget has become one of the most used: berries in the summer for drying (strawberries, for example), and Ogurtsov tomatoes on the salad, carrot soup, etc. In General, if you don’t like cutting hands or you suffer/enjoy perfectionism and love equal pieces in a salad – take it safely. Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-8

This time for those who should not slices, but even slices and halves. The point is simple: fill up the inside of berries or vegetables, put your knife, get half. If you manage to gently fold them together and throw back will be the quarters.

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Unfortunately, due to the small size of the thing is not too versatile, it can be used mainly for small fruit and cherry tomatoes. Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-9

And for all parents who have children and don’t want to eat just the food. The set of three “punch”, punching fun molds. As it is made in China, of course, sharpened by nori. But you can also use other fine products: for example, pieces of cheese or sausage, but only a very, very thin (harsh store-bought meats). Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-10

Here someone may say “well, all the guests were blown away”, and someone mastrianna exclaim, “wow”. Anyway, I just can’t add that thing. Why? Because the timers, which are sold in Russia, compel the person to remember the number of minutes to boil eggs hard-boiled and soft-boiled. And this – he tells. You only need to look at what it shows on the case, and all.

The functionality is extremely simple, but the cost is low. So in this respect, the thing pays for itself completely. Buy here.

10 кухонных гаджетов, которые стоит купить на Aliexpress-11

What a collection of kitchen stuff with Ali without Mimino stuff for brewing tea? Them there so much! In General, impossible to resist, but it was really comfortable and cool – in the form of a robot. Paint it seems is nothing, all clearly visible in the picture, so enjoy :-). Buy here.

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