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10 useful things from AliExpress

Once Jason Statham in an interview with Forbes said, “There are lies, big lies, and there are discounts on AliExpress”. In what year and which issue it was silent even Google, but the number of likes and shares pictures with this quote can not doubt its authenticity for a minute. Overall great Hollywood “philosopher and thinker” rights: Chinese discounts – a strange thing. Therefore, there is a myriad of tips, programmes, strategies, tricks and other feints ears “shopping at a good price”. But this recipe is saving only one. And it is simple and unpretentious, as taiga boots.

Decide what’s missing and what could theoretically be necessary somewhere in a month. Let’s see how much would that cost in our online-shops and how much is similar on AliExpress. Look through the search for the best, in your opinion offer, with fast or free shipping and reasonable price. Feel free to buy. The difference between “here” and “there” – this is your savings, not “cashback up to 20%”.

So in the last month of winter, and that means it’s time to watch a couple of useful things for the summer. For example – from the number discussed below.

1. Case for underwater shooting

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress

Agree, to trust life and performance of your favorite smartphone some a cheap Chinese thing – somehow risky. Although, if you think well, no more risky than back in 2005 to remove the mobile phone Sony Ericsson K750, wrapped in stretched to the limit balloon. The Chinese case with wrist strap is much more reliable. The main thing is to test it before use, carefully and gently close the clasp. If you have some old smartphone with glitches or broken screen, which is a pity to throw away – all beauty: the best candidate for underwater photography simply could not be found.

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Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $0,95

2. Headphones backlit

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -2

Some items from AliExpress are somewhat similar to the girls: if a thing bright and beautiful, her work is not necessary. The main task of the two-dollar headphones – glow in the dark pale fluorescent light. Music these headphones reproduce somewhere at the level of the headset supplied with the average smartphone. Actually, that’s what these “ears” and should be considered as a substitute for “one-off” gags, which they are. There is a similar model of “zipper” ($1,64), but the zipper often sticks and is purely decorative.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $1,98

3. Holder for plastic bottle

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -3

Simple and convenient thing, suitable for outings or long walks when the bag held everything except water bottles. Holder with carabiner average degree of fragility will allow you to hook Hiking bottle of mineral water on the backpack, bag or belt. One word – where someone is comfortable. Liter without gas design withstands without problems, a half liter of foam – more likely than not.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $0,52

4. Case for external hard disk

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -4

Simple case, increases the chances of survival of external hard drive during a fall. Protects the device from scratches and scuffs. But most importantly solves the problem of the cable that constantly is lost somewhere. Will fit to hold the external battery for charging gadgets, cables and adapters.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: us $1.74

5. A pocket knife

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -5

That Yes, indeed, what the selection of AliExpress – and without regular bladed? That’s right: no. Miniature knife with 3.3-inch blade looks harmless and keep teeth nails and fingers in the process of opening various packages and boxes. The blade is sharp, no one bothers to sharpen it further. There is a carabiner for attachment to belt. This knife you always carry with you, and do not mind losing.

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Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $2,89

6. External flash for smartphone

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -6

Not all smartphones have front facing flash, and to do a selfie in the dark as you have. The device with 16 LEDs solves this problem. The device acts as the main source of fill light for the front camera or creates additional lighting when shooting in complete darkness. Some smartphones define flash as a headset. Accessory works like a USB flashlight separate from the mobile device.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $2,09

7. Multitool

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -7

The main problem of all of the tool sets – they do not have the hand when they are needed most. A creation of the Chinese masters unfolds in a small pliers, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, and some semblance of a penknife with a safe and dull blade. Multitool small in size and quite good as a FOB on a keychain.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $2,74

8. Shatterproof glass

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -8

A glass of soft silicone with a volume of 400 ml. Creases and bends. Because of these properties fits even in tight Packed travel bag. If you have children or unruly Pets, a Cup of will keep time and nerves. No problems resistant to washing in the dishwasher.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $2,16

9. Gamepad Super Nintendo (copy)

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -9

Accessory for indulging in bouts of nostalgia about stupidly ruined my childhood. A fairly good replica of the SNES controller console with USB port. Does not require drivers, recognized by all latest versions of Windows and theoretically MacOS. At a similar price is easy to find a copy of the controller to “Dandy” and even gamepads for the Sega Mega Drive.

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Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $3,19

10. External cooler for laptop

10 полезных мелочей с AliExpress -10

Cooling pads are only effective if the ventilation grilles are on the bottom of the laptop. The external fan is attached with an ingenious clamp for the air intake grille and creates an additional air flow. Cheap temporary alternative to a broken system of cooling for an office laptop models.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $3,67

Prices are quoted at the time of this writing, and over time can change both upwards and downwards.

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10 useful things from AliExpress

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