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15 “untranslatable” emotions that you never knew

You ever feel a slight “mbuki-muuki” is an irresistible desire to throw off their clothes as they dance? Or, maybe, a little “kilig” is a bit of a nervous, trembling feeling when you tell someone that you like? How about “uitwaaien”, which means “regenerating and refreshing walk in the wind”? These words, taken from the Bantu, Tagalog and Dutch, it is hardly possible to find a direct equivalent in our language, but they are a very accurate emotional experience, which is neglected in our language. “Gigil”, “shinrin-yoku”, “tarab” — there are many foreign words that do not have our equivalent. Perhaps, after reading them, you will wonder how you had not noticed such feelings.

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15 “untranslatable” emotions that you never knew

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