6918 20 useful Telegram channels about the technique
20 useful Telegram channels about the technique

20 useful Telegram channels about the technique

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20 полезных Telegram-каналов о технике

Modern instant messaging applications have become not only a convenient tool for communication, but was in demand also as aggregators of news. And the brainchild of Pavel Durov called Telegram has reached in this field particularly outstanding results (by the way, there recently appeared and calls) and claims to give a tidbit of your personal time, which today belongs to social networks. The editors gg has gathered deserve your attention Telegram-channels, telling about the technique.



The channel provides links to the most interesting world news about technology, gadgets, science and technology. The authors do a high-quality collection of hot topics and the latest innovations. Often they also give your comments important events and do it with skill and humor.

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Channel Gregory Bakunov — Director for proliferation technology company “Yandex”. In it he provides links to useful and interesting news for art lovers and often makes a funny, pointed, and sharp comments.

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The motto of this channel “From geeks for geeks!”. The authors share not only news, but also post links to various services, programs, courses and discoveries that will be useful to all lovers of information technology.

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Durov”s Channel

durovs channel.png

Channel Pavel Durov. In it he shares his own thoughts, experience, links for the leading channels in the Telegram, gifs, photos, and plans for further development of its messenger.

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“Library of the programmer”

biblioteka programmista.png

Channel puts useful materials for programmers. It can be books, links to courses, major programs, training, discounts on useful software and hot news in the world of IT.

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GitHub repos

githup repos.png

The channel provides links to interesting and exciting projects that are published on the famous hosting service for IT projects GitHub. With it, you will be informed of all the latest developments of the platform and know that the live tech startups.

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Microsoft Developer

microsoft developer.png

Official channel of the developer community Microsoft Developer. Will be interesting to anyone involved with, interested in technology, programming and various. In addition, the channel publishes links to useful training courses, training videos and need software.

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For web

for web.png

Channel for web developers, programmers, web designers, editors and anyone interested in similar subjects. The authors publish useful links to articles, books, training programs, give advice and post ads on job search in this field.

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The channel includes articles, news and links to courses in physics, astronomy, and space. Sometimes the author makes comments, does it with skill and industry.

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Entertainment channel for fans of physics and space. There are many beautiful gifs, important links, interesting articles, latest news and useful links. The authors have a good sense of humor, clear writing about complex topics and dilute them with funny pictures.

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The fan of astronomy and space. The author publishes articles, news and video lectures on the topic, and also shares breathtaking images of the universe. If you capture the same thing, this channel should be in the reading list.

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Telegrams-channel popular scientific editions, N+1. Here are published the latest news about everything related to science and technology.

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The technology, media and society

technology media.png

Journalist, ex-editor-in-chief of the edition Andrey Apparat], interestingly and tastefully writes about technology and about how they change the world. Humor, harsh criticism and deep knowledge of the industry present.

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IT & media | the Executioner Says

it media palach govorit.png

Channel unusual and breaking brains site the Executioner Says. Then cheerfully tell you not only about the IT sector but also broaden their horizons in other fields of science, media and technology. The project often deals with important pseudo-scientific topics and examines news from the hard and unscrupulous analysis.

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All-in-One Person

all in one person.png

The channel publishes useful links to apps, discounts on paid software, and exciting services and sites for all gadget lovers. The author negotiates with the publishers paid FOR and beats its readers with great discounts on cool software.

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The channel provides links to lectures, video courses, seminars, and popular scientific articles on all branches of science. In addition, the author publishes his materials on the subject, and also keeps readers abreast of the latest scientific discoveries.

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The make fresh, interesting and high quality selection of popular science articles from different sources, including serious foreign publications. Every day there are dozens of news about the world of science and provide meaningful comments for this reason.

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Personal channel author of popular scientific subjects. Here we publish links to interesting articles, discoveries, news, events and projects in the world of popular science. The author easily and clearly explains complicated scientific things, and also gives interesting examples of life.

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The author gives links to important news in the IT sector, and artificial intelligence. He examines them, makes analysis, makes bold assumptions and produce spectacular projections.

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Now that we have our own channel in the Telegram. Join us and be the first to hear interesting news, read helpful reviews on gadgets, articles on technology, scientific discoveries, space, startups, important presentations and more. After all, we are the most boring website about the technique.

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Not to mention Telegram-channel of our colleagues from the portal oKino. Guys write interesting articles about our favorite science fiction (and not only), coverage of important industry events, topical chenopodii and talk about iconic movies. In addition, the site has a huge kiebasa with movies, TV shows, creators and actors. Subscribe and always be up to date with the latest news about the movie.

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