15866 5 reasons to choose Xiaomi Mi 2 Max. An overview of the features of the model
5 reasons to choose Xiaomi Mi 2 Max. An overview of the features of the model

5 reasons to choose Xiaomi Mi 2 Max. An overview of the features of the model

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5 reasons to choose Xiaomi Mi 2 Max. An overview of the features of the model

Xiaomi company believe in phablets. The success of the first generation of its 6.44-inch Xiaomi Mi Max proved to be. Gadget people liked it so much that he became a bestseller. And manufacturer safely “removed the second series” – Xiaomi Mi 2 Max. The novelty is as big and bright screen, updated design, other hardware, other camera and the battery is more capacious and promising an impressive autonomy. The word “impressive” today will often be: Yes, this camera has turned. And this is the case when the smartphone is failed in all respects. Consider a new product carefully and you will find the reasons why it is worthy of our attention.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-дизайн фото 1

Chinese developers often combine incompatible. And this time they turned out really great – ubersmart with a huge screen, which is fit to be called a mini tablet. This Xiaomi Mi 2 Max. And it’s ideal for multimedia entertainment. Still the price is nice

The contents

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A large (very large!) and bright screen

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Black-ракурсыA smartphone is like a television! A small TV that can take with him anytime and anywhere. Still, to use it. And the Internet goes. Well and more – that match the capabilities of modern smartphones.

We all remember the days when even a five-inch device called the tablet, the first Galaxy Note from Samsung – wow – 5.3-inch display was called “shovel”. And photographed him in front of the ear, leaping laughing. But today even a huge phablets like the 6.44-inch Xiaomi Mi Max 2 does not cause a smile. Sometimes – surprise, rarely rejection, but without laughter and grins. It’s simple: big smartphones have already become familiar to the layman.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-большой экран

It is understood that Xiaomi Mi Max is a really great camera. Diagonal of its screen is 6.44 inches. It is clear that such a device for communication is not suitable for everyone. And there is no transcendent flagship QHD. Engineers equipped with a second Max-generation Full HD screen that could give him an incredible autonomy. Just enviable! And the pixel density is still decent – 342 PPI. So what about any problems with the screen may not be out of the question

In Xiaomi Mi 2 Max is a beautiful IPS’ka with a typically wide viewing angles.

Brightness, contrast, color rendition – all on the level. It’s really hard to find fault with anything. Even to Full HD-resolution, because the pixel density is decent (~342 PPI).

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-цветопередача и углы обзора скриншот 7

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-цветопередача и углы обзора скриншот 8As for brightness, Xiaomi Mi 2 Max gave chip flagship model Xiaomi Mi6 (here ‘s her review). Talking about the lowest possible brightness level of 1 NIT, which is ideal for reading from the screen in complete darkness. Apparently, as a BookReader Mi Max 2 will also use.

Xiaomi Mi 2 has Max okolicsanyi thin frame, but it is not frameless, as Xiaomi Mi Mix. By the way, the first batch of this device snapped up for 10 seconds. Probably hungry students in sleepless session not so actively rush to hot cakes, as fans of the product on its Xiaomi Mi Mix.

The novelty of the cover glass has an oleophobic coating. In a month it will not be erased, can not survive. And under the protective glass, which, by the way, Corning Gorilla Glass 4, is 2.5 D. when you have your finger on the screen, feel smooth transitions between it and the side of the case.

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Xiaomi Mi Max 2-комплект поставки

Balanced hardware base and steep autonomy

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-экранThe product is economical MSM8953 Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, whereas in the first Xiaomi Mi Max – Snapdragon 650. Surprised? Just don’t blame the manufacturer for such a downgrade of the processor, because the power of 625-th, complemented by 4 GB of RAM, more than enough for most tasks.

Xiaomi Mi 2 Max stars in the sky in AnTuTu is not enough, but the smartphone smartly pulls the character on the highest setting (25-40 fps) and gives the opportunity to enjoy such toys like Dead Trigger 2 and Real Racing 3. No lags, no flashes.

But if Xiaomi want from the decision more powerful, note, for example, on Mi Note 2. He has interesting curved screen – in the spirit of Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung.

It is important that during the game at maximum settings, the smartphone barely warms up. And for ten minutes of shooting zombies in Dead Trigger 2 it’s dead, you won’t believe just two percent.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-RankingAnd synthetic tests also confirm the autonomy of the coolest new items. If you are not an enthusiastic gamer, willing the clock to wear down the machine games, you have Xiaomi Mi 2 Max, just live away from the outlet a couple of days. For an Android smartphone great. Agree? In General, he works obscenely long. And that’s a fact.

So, the guys from Xiaomi, thank you for the combo economical processor and capacious battery. And the gadget has a 5300 mAh battery. Because of us it is not surprising that Xiaomi Mi Max 2 may also play a role powerbank. In life can be useful.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-емкость аккумулятора

The long-running smartphone with a huge screen… Looking like this? Then look at the Xiaomi Mi Max 2

The device has a support function fast charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. For an hour, it will take about 65%. A complete charging cycle takes 3.5 hours.

Excellent multimedia component

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-стереодинамики распространение звукаThe huge screen perfect for watching videos, reading ebooks, playing games, chatting in instant messengers, in particular for typing with two hands, we have already mentioned. And it is really gorgeous.

Complements the multimedia component of the loud front facing stereo speakers. They have to many favorite Xiaomi Mi6. For gaming and watching videos.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-стереодинамики

A cool feature of novelty is the front stereo speakers. For gaming and watching videos – the most it

By the way, the video can be downloaded to a smartphone: plenty of space. There is a configuration with 64 GB of memory and 128 GB. Well microSD’shku you can put in Mi Max 2, but instead of the second SIM card, i.e. abandoning dvuhtonnoy. It is strange that the manufacturer in such a large device area for the single slot under a memory card. However, in other Xiaomi is also a hybrid solution, and Xiaomi Mi6 do not have support for microSD, with 64 or 128 GB ROM.

But in the budget range of Samsung Galaxy J 2017, not even little simple model J3 from the memory card in its place.

Good camera

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-основная камераCamera in Xiaomi Mi 2 Max flagship – like in the Xiaomi Mi6. This is a 12-megapixel sensor Sony IMX386 with aperture of f/2.2 and phase detect autofocus. However, missing optical stabilization available in Mi6.

Official sample photos taken with the camera Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Official sample photos taken with the camera Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Official sample photos taken with the camera Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Official sample photos taken with the camera Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Official sample photos taken with the camera Xiaomi Mi Max 2

And you know, the biggest smartphone from Mi Max 2 is probably the best camera. By day, she makes vivid pictures with good detail and in most cases with the correct exposure.

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However, in the evening, when low light photo quality is expected falls. And it affects almost all smartphones. But here’s the close-up shots from Xiaomi Mi Max 2 everything is fine.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-макросъемкаThere is the ability to record HDR video, slo-mo mode (120 frames per second at 720p resolution). 4K video is recorded at 30 FPS.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-профессиональное качество фото

Ergonomics: the smartphone is big, but comfortable

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-имиджевая картинка 3Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – the device is solid and heavy (211 grams). It is made in a new design, similar in spirit to the Mi-range, while the first “Max”, but rather, tends to budget line Redmi. The same can be said about the materials and build quality.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-ракурсы

For better grip case Xiaomi Mi 2 Max gently scroogled

It is worth to pay tribute to the designers Xiaomi, because fresh Mi Max 2 looks more compact than it really is. Flowing silhouettes and rounded edges make the slim body (7.6 mm) more elegant.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-тонкий корпусAnd it fits well in the hand, which is surprising for such a giant. Furthermore, it is even comfortable to operate with one hand. However, not always. Proprietary interface MIUI offers the zoom display to 4.7″. Just swipe your finger from the touch Home button right or left until the next touch of a button, the workspace will be “compressed” to a comfortable diagonal.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-тонкий корпус смартфонаBut be prepared for the fact that even such a banal action, such as answering a call, you will need to use your other hand.

All facets of the smartphone polished, and the parts fit perfectly. The only removable element is the tray SIM-cards and memory cards. The case is metal, just insert the antennas are made of plastic. And they look very harmoniously, it does not spoil the appearance of the device.

Still universal USB Type-C port on the smartphone, and a 3.5 mm headphone output too. Last we have not found in the flagship Xiaomi Mi6 (but in the package of the device has a USB Type-C-3.5 mm). So users choosing Xiaomi Mi Max 2, will be able to connect to the smartphone your wired headphones.

There in the slot and the infrared port. As before, it can be found on the top edge while the fingerprint sensor on the rear panel.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-задняя панель фото 1And this is perhaps a moot point. We know that many fans of Xiaomi wanted to he was found. So usually in the flagship. Such an arrangement and the fingerprint scanner Redmi Pro, and Mi5, but in Mi Max 2 otherwise. Not everyone will be happy. But it is in the “Max” is fastest, as expected.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-имиджевая картинка 1

Summary. About alternatives

Xiaomi Mi 2 Max – phablet interesting. Very much so. Despite its complexity, this is one of the universal solutions, because a large screen is always pleases. Good for him and the movie or two to watch and pictures to look through, and on the Internet to wander. Well, for mobile toys decent diagonal good. In General, welcome. In addition, the device operates from a single battery charge not just long, but obscenely long.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 и другие смартфоны-сравнение

Thinking about the competitors, immediately comes to mind… Yes, the first Xiaomi Mi Max Here you can find a detailed overview of the model.

It is not so capacious battery, but with a more powerful Snapdragon processor 652. However, more and more voracious. However, Xiaomi Mi Max does not complain of autonomy as Mi Max 2.

Have with Xiaomi is another lovely plantation – ceramic bezrobotnych Mi Mix. However, it is a different price category, so we will not consider it as a competitor.

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More expensive Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and 6.4-inch Lenovo Phab 2 Pro with a gorgeous resolution of 2560×1440 pixels and a unique feature in the form of support for AR. If you are sure that it is interesting to you, make sure you pay attention to it.

We know the Japanese phablet Sony Xperia Ultra XA1 (video) based on MediaTek P20 and with a six inch Full HD display. Sorry, the battery is then very weak at 2700 mAh, it does not compare with 5300 mAh battery that the offspring of Xiaomi.

Well, if you just want a great smartphone: not so powerful as the second “Max” may not be tenacious, we will consider a simple six-inch budget models like PPTV King 7, Elephone C1 Max and Maya Bluboo Max. Probably you never heard of. And this smartphone completely different category.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-задняя панель смартфона фото 3When you consider the price of the new Xiaomi and its positioning, we can conclude that she has almost no competitors. This really is ideal for those who want “everything and more”. Bright screen impressive size, slim metal case, cool the autonomy and memory in the flagship a lot… and fast fingerprint scanner is! Well, interesting finds, and not only in the seventh Android e, a and from the manufacturer, because the “green robot” in Xiaomi Mi 2 Max dressed in MIUI 8. And with the lack of NFC (contactless payment, goodbye) can accept.

For whom the smartphone

People see the hands of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – a great smartphone with a large screen and surprised. Many are interested in the model and the need for such diagonal. And she needed to those who does use multi-media component smartphones: watching movies and videos on YouTube, sitting in social networks and on the Internet in General, often uses instant messengers, playing games. Under such user “shovel” Xiaomi Mi 2 Max and sharpened. Well, for “to talk”, there are models and smaller. So obviously, the second “Max” as the first, not for everyone, but given your interests, for the most part.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-имиджевая картинка 4By the way, the novelty will appeal to both those who have not managed to visit on vacation. This is the perfect companion! Judge for yourself.

First, he is also the tablet: easy to replace him. For Xiaomi Mi 2 Max convenient to watch videos and to play, whiling away the time on the road. And he has an impressive autonomy that will allow it to do long and happily.

Secondly, a good camera, you can capture your vacation. And a lot of memory for content storage – 64 or 128 GB (depending on version) + support for microSD memory cards up to 256 GB. However, to the detriment of dvuhtonnoy. If the built-in reserves of the smartphone is enough, you can use a second SIM card, for example, for local access to the Internet.

In addition, such a device can be safely used as a sun shade. Or of a fan. Just kidding, of course, but nevertheless confirm that Xiaomi Mi Max 2 you can safely take with him to rest. And we wish that you have it was this summer.

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-имиджевая картинка 2The model with 64 GB of memory:

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-имиджевая картинка 5

Basic specifications and features

ModelXiaomi Mi 2 Max
ScreenIPS LCD, 6,44″, 1080×1920 (~342 PPI), ~74.0% of front panel, protective glass Gorilla glass 4 and oleophobic coating
Operating system and interfaceAndroid 7.1.1 (Nougat) with interface MIUI 8.0 (up to 8.5)
ProcessorOCTA core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 MSM8953
GraphicsAdreno 506
Permanent memory64 GB or 128 GB + microSD up to 256 GB (slot hybrid)
The main camera12 MP, f/a 2.2, phase detection autofocus, record 4K video
Front camera5 MP, f/2.0, fixed focus
Battery5300 mAh, Quick Charge 3.0
Fingerprint scannerThere is, on the rear panel
InterfacesUSB Type-C 1.0, audio 3.5 mm
Wireless technology4.2 Bluetooth, A2DP, LE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot, GPS/A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS
SIM cardDual SIM (nanoSIM / microSIM, dual stand-by)
Case dimensionsEstimated at 174.1×88,7×7.6 mm
Available colorsBlack, Gold, Silver
Protection of housing (IP 67/68)Missing
FeaturesImpressive autonomy, the huge screen, great multimedia component, equipment of loud front-facing stereo speakers, accelerometer, light sensor, proximity sensor, an infrared port, the minimum level of brightness for reading in the dark (1 bat)

Xiaomi Mi Max 2-главные технические особенности устройстваPhoto credit: www.gsmarena.com, www.phonearena.com, www.superg.ru, www.42.tut.by, www.ferra.ru, www.wylsa.com, www.overclockers.ru, www.gadgets.ndtv.com.

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