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5 useful Chrome extensions for “Vkontakte”


Eugene Lubnicki


Despite the growing popularity of Facebook, the social network Vkontakte still has its fans. In this article we will talk about five add-ons for the Chrome browser that will significantly expand the functionality of this social network and allows you to customize its interface.


5 полезных расширений Chrome для «ВКонтакте» - VkOptVkOpt is a universal extension ad blocker and many other useful features. Most VkOpt will appeal to those users who work a lot with media. This extension allows you to quickly download music and video, and also shows the size and bitrate of music files.

Connecting to VkOpt your profile Last.fm, You can get more music recommendations based on the history of the auditions of “Vkontakte”. In addition, VkOpt displays the name and the list of music tracks included in the album with the selected track.

In addition, the extension also allows you to slightly change the interface “Vkontakte”: VkOpt you can swap the location and appearance of elements and perform some other changes.

Download extension for Chrome VkOpt.


5 полезных расширений Chrome для «ВКонтакте» - MusicSigMusicSig is another multifunctional extension for Vkontakte, which currently is one of the most popular in the Chrome store. As VkOpt, MusicSig blocks ads, allows downloading music and video from the social network, and also displays the quality and size of music files.

Despite the fact that unlike VkOpt, MusicSig not able to transfer data at Last.fm to form the musical recommendations, this extension has its advantages. For example, You can download whole playlists and filter the audio at the bitrate level. In addition, the extension also allows you to make some changes in the interface: add to the left pane of the clock and calendar widgets and enable quick access to sub-sections of “Vkontakte” via the navigation menu.

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Expand MusicSig’s a useful feature that allows you to block annoying notifications that the profile is not filled on 100%.

Download extension for Chrome MusicSig.

Download music with Vkontakte

5 полезных расширений Chrome для «ВКонтакте» - Скачать музыку с «ВКонтакте»The only task that performs this minimal extension, is reflected in its name. This extension will certainly appreciate those users who just want to download music, without going into details and without dealing with unnecessary options and settings.

Download the extension “Download music from Vkontakte” for Chrome.

VK Blue

5 полезных расширений Chrome для «ВКонтакте» - VK BlueExtension VK Blue adds to the player “Vkontakte” equalizer presets for different music genres. Using this extension You can set optimum sound quality depending on your headphones or speakers. VK Blue automatically applies the necessary settings to different songs, and in those cases, if you can’t determine the genre sets the parameters by default.

In addition, the extension displays album art, photos and BIOS of the performers, the size and bitrate of playback tracks, and allows you to download audio files.

Download extension for Chrome VK Blue.

Background “VKontakte”

5 полезных расширений Chrome для «ВКонтакте» - Фон «ВКонтакте»If you are bored with standard look of “Vkontakte”, note the extension. It will allow you to transform the interface of the social network by customizing the color scheme and level of transparency, and you can use as the background of any image. The extension can automatically change the background image after a certain period of time.

Download Background extension Vkontakte Chrome.

And what is Chrome extension for Vkontakte You know? Share with us in the comments!

5 useful Chrome extensions for “Vkontakte”

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