8946 6 unusual ways to use yogurt

6 unusual ways to use yogurt

6 unusual ways to use yogurt

Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who would not have known about the healing properties of yogurt. Especially advertising on television regularly reminds us about it.

Лечебный и питательный йогуртAnd yet, let’s refresh our memory and remember what is so wonderful about this marvelous product.

Yogurt is a fermented milk product that is prepared from natural milk by ripening with the help of the Bulgarian coli and thermophilic Streptococcus. Yogurt contains many nutrients. Especially a lot of vitamins B2 and B12, and vitamin D. Rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, a great low-fat source of protein, protect against infection and improve digestion.

Йогурт прекрасный продукт для пищеваренияBut few people know that yogurt is widely used in cosmetology. Yogurt-based cream to prepare the face and body, masks, shampoos, scrubs and more.

Today we offer 6 unusual ways to use yogurt at home.

Приготовление йогурта в йогуртницеI would like to draw Your attention that the yogurt must be natural, no added colors or preservatives, it is best to use yogurt own cooking, which can be done with the help of starter, a yogurt maker or slow cooker.

The conditioner and hair mask

Йогурт без наполнителей для волосYoghurt hair mask has a wonderful anti-inflammatory effect. It perfectly soothes the scalp, relieves itching and burning will help get rid of dandruff. The procedure is very simple – yogurt is applied on washed hair and distributed over the entire length. Leave the mask for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Маска для волос из йогуртаRegular use of this mask will help your hair to regain natural Shine and silkiness, and also to solve the problem of split ends and falling out.

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Body scrub

Yogurt can prepare a scrub for hands, elbows, feet and full body.

Йогурт как основа скраба для рук This scrub is especially good in the winter and early spring, when the skin becomes dry due to lack of vitamins in the body.

Йогурт как основа скраба для телаTo prepare a miracle scrub mix a small amount of yogurt with cereal or dried orange zest, pre-chopped them in the blender or coffee grinder. You can add a little honey if of course You don’t have allergies. Apply the scrub with gentle circular motions.

Скраб для телаAfter 10-15 minutes wash off with warm or cool water. Also scrub can be used after waxing to soothe and reduce skin irritation.

Bleaching agent for teeth

Йогурт - отбеливающее средство для зубовWho would not want to have a “Hollywood smile”? But a visit to the dental clinic today costs a lot. Therefore, many people prefer to look for alternatives. We offer You one of them. Daily RUB the yogurt in the enamel of the teeth. The fact that it contains good for your teeth calcium and casein, which help mineralization of the teeth.

Голливудская улыбкаAfter a few weeks of regular use of yogurt you will notice the result.

Face mask

Yogurt can be prepared a variety of beauty masks for the face.

Йогурт с добавками- маска для лицаBesides, regular application of masks with the addition of lemon will help to lighten pigment spots and moles, and to make freckles less noticeable.

Маска йогурт-лимон, для отбеливания веснушекThe mask from yogurt can be done with virtually all fruits and vegetables. For example, for oily skin mask with the addition of cherry, strawberry, orange, tangerine, kiwi. For dry skin, melon and apricot. For normal and combination suitable cucumber, cabbage, tomato. Use both pulp and juice of fruits and vegetables, but only fresh.

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Маска для лица из йогуртаMix the yogurt with any of the ingredients, apply on clean face, in 20-30 min, rinse with warm water. Masks based on natural yoghurt, you can do every day, they are harmless. The result is evident!

Paint for kids

Children love to draw, it for anybody not a secret. Care of parents is the health of the child, and it is very important that during your “creative process” the child is not distracted by observations of adults – “don’t eat anything in your mouth, don’t lick the hand” and others.

Now You have the opportunity to make the child edible and quickly wash off the paint. To do this, just need to take yogurt, add food coloring and you’re done!

Йогурт - краски для детского творчестваLet the child reveals his talent, and You calmly watch the process.

Soothing remedy for sunburn

Йогурт как лекарство при солнечных ожогах In this case the yogurt is not a panacea in severe burns. But as first aid and a sedative — is very useful, thanks to its content in yogurt of zinc which helps to calm irritation and quickly heals the affected area.

Йогурт как лечебное средствоApply on the affected part of the body yogurt (thick layer) and leave for 20-30 minutes, rinse the yogurt, rinse with cool or cold water. For larger soften the skin in the yogurt you can add some essential oil.

Солнечный ожогAs you can see, yogurt is not only a valuable dairy product, but also has other quite interesting and useful qualities. Will be glad if You are interested in non-traditional use of yogurt and these methods will find application in your life.

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