72 hours without recharging — expert 4PDA is testing the autonomy of the innos D6000

Smartphone with a bigger battery always attracts attention. And when the manufacturer promises up to seven days of work, supporting it with lots of clever energy-saving technologies — hands are so itchy to test whether this is so. For testing in the editor arrived marathoner by the name of innos D6000 — unique device with two simultaneously working battery chipset Qualcomm under the hood he has a energy reserve of 6000 mAh. How much will be enough in real world conditions?

What we’re dealing with?

Main battery innos D6000 is inside the body, and access to it is closed. This Li-polymer element 2480 mAh. In addition to it is the battery, 3520 mAh with the possibility of “hot” replacement. These batteries can be purchased for 990 rubles apiece, and quickly change a dead to fully charged without turning off the unit itself. But the main reason is to pay tribute to the engineers of JSR Limited, which owns the brand, innos — the algorithm to use additional battery.

In the hardware base of smartphone is cost — effective chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 with the changed algorithms of consumption of battery two fully charged batteries are spent alternately, given the characteristics of lithium-polymer technology. First to 85% spent external battery, then the internal. Further, the replaceable battery is discharged to 15% and then to 15% is spent internal. The last stage begins again with the external battery. But the charging process is parallel to both the battery and with regular memory lasts for almost four hours. Thus, the maximum built-in battery is protected from deep, to zero discharge and the second battery can be replaced at any time, literally “on the go”.

innos D6000

The result is a smartphone with 5.2-inch TFT IPS screen Full HD resolution, cost-effective hardware from Qualcomm, comes with two batteries, giving 6000 mAh in total. On paper looks attractive…


Benchmark battery

Of course, the first thing I want to obtain beautiful results in the test PCMark Battery, which is charged both batteries completely, put the brightness of the screen by 25% (200 Nits) and start the process.

innos D6000 innos D6000 innos D6000

At first glance, the result is not very impressive, but worth a look — and it becomes clear that main battery power remained at the maximum. Well, let’s continue.

innos D6000

Confident six hours of work, and still charge half an hour of talking or a few hours listening to music through headphones. Together with the previous measurement obtained excellent results in 16 hours, a decent smartphone longevity.

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Test navigation

At home in the warmth of the smartphone proved to be excellent, but how will it stand the test in tough field conditions? For a start it was decided to test it as a car Navigator — the good, the need for long trips. Navigation uses the screen and the communication modules for verification of coordinates, which together consume considerably energy.

innos D6000

Saturday, five in the morning. Of course, this early in the morning the last thing you want to do to learn and remember the interchanges and ramps, and therefore enter the locality name in a navigation application and set the smartphone in the car. The brightness of the backlight is 50%.

innos D6000

The testing demonstrated a fall in the total charge is 8% per hour as a Navigator. This is largely due to the use of the apparatus is economical filling from Qualcomm, and an optimal diagonal of the screen. This consumption was enough to rewind the day more than 800 km, only at the end thinking about the cable.

innos D6000

  • One hour of navigation: 8% charge. With a charged battery innos D6000 drive from Moscow to Kazan.

innos D6000



The test of cold

The batteries of smartphones do not favor the Russian frosts and essentially lose capacity in low temperatures. High-tech gadget turns into a useless brick, leaving the owner without music, without a camera, and most importantly — no connection. But winter should not be a barrier to communication.

innos D6000

Frosty Sunday afternoon, under my feet crunching the soft fluffy snow and carrying skis, or snowboard. You should call your friends, be sure to do a bunch of pictures on the slope and shoot the video. But while everything is going, takes a lot of time, with the result that the smartphone in your pocket has time to cool appreciably.

innos D6000 endured half a day in the cold, never disconnected during a call or recording video. Power consumption was up to 10% more than in the indoor environment. Results you can see in the screenshots.

innos D6000

innos D6000 innos D6000 innos D6000

How is it managed? The thing to be thought out placement of batteries in the guide, plus the case itself is made of plastic is much less thermally conductive than aluminum. Over time, of course, will begin to affect the normal wear of battery, but in D6000 it is easy to change.

innos D6000

  • One hour of music in the cold: 6% charge
  • 20 minute talk: 7% charge


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Leisure on the road

Seeing that devices transcend the cold and long navigation, it’s time to test his stamina in an entertaining role. Movies, games and music — a classic for a long trip by bus, train, plane. For example, the road from Moscow to Saint Petersburg by “Sapsan” takes four hours. What they do? Correctly, a fresh TV series, toys, type Hill Climb Racing 2 and communicating with friends and family.

After playing for 20 minutes in a race and half an hour discussing in the social sphere news, the remaining three hours we spent watching videos (including airplane mode, in order to spend less battery and not be distracted). Upon arrival, the remaining charge is enough for a day of active use: four hour on screen took only 30% of the total capacity of the two batteries.

innos D6000 innos D6000

Again, we have values, allowing safely carry without charging innos D6000 to two or three days. How else to test the battery of the smartphone, in what situations? All editors we came up with scenarios, and then decided just to pull the lot of three comic version.


Talking Tom vs innos D6000

We started with the most rigorous test — the test a six year old child. Greedy for gadgets, Chad was awarded the innos D6000, features favorite game — talking cat Tom. Quickly assessing that a set of furniture, clothing and accessories at kitty scantily-base, the child with the enthusiasm to take up a pumping Tamagotchi. After two hours of continuous feeding, playing, and stroking virtual cat got new pajamas, hair (and I think the Wallpaper in the bedroom). Removable battery smartphone during this time, has lost 38% of its charge is only about 20% of the total capacity.

innos D6000 innos D6000 innos D6000

  • 2 hours games: 38% of battery replacement battery.

Drain the battery to zero in this test, we decided on a concert of cats in March: Talking Tom has launched two smartphones, put them opposite each other and initiated “dialogue”. It is interesting that it will run out faster — battery power or patience at the neighbors? In this race we can put on the battery. At first, cats were screaming, continuously raising the tone. Then they switched to slurred hoarse snoring noise, and then, at the same time Ravkov at each other, silent. Yes, the game is on the neighbor’s nerves are not specified, but the communion of two Tamagotchi is funny.

innos D6000

[embedded content]


Let there be light!

But let’s find out how much is enough charge, if you need light, and the lamp does not appear! Well, you never know — an accident at a power plant, a sleepless night in a tent at summer camp, zombie Apocalypse… turn on the flashlight and measure how much it affects the battery and how long we will have a light source.

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innos D6000 innos D6000

One thing is clear: this music will be eternal! Well, almost. After 13 hours we broke down and turned off the flashlight. This time is enough to the darkness to collect the tent, placed inside and another half a day to read one of eight volumes of Turgenev, lost in the backpack between fat and matches. innos D6000 spent only a quarter of the total battery charge is a small led is no match for the CPU, a heated battle in “tank battle”. So even if some reason you decide to continuously Shine a flashlight day and night, battery will last more than two days.


Help your neighbour

Times innos D6000 for so long is energy, we have resorted to extreme measures and decided to charge with it other smartphone. Godchild device was chosen, iPhone 6s battery with a capacity of 1715 mAh, pre-discharged to zero. For this experiment we also needed a USB Type-C.

Unlike smartphones with micro-USB, innos D6000 produces enough amperage to revive a completely dead device, but further charging speed inferior to the classic Powerbank. Total from 0 to 100% the iPhone 6s failed to feed exactly four hours. It took 15% of the internal battery and replaceable half — energy loss in transmission was about 20%. That makes two times you can fully charge Cupertino, leaving little energy for their own needs — to make a few calls or chat in social networks.

innos D6000 innos D6000


The results

The innos D6000 smartphone will last two days very active operation with NAV, photos and calls in the cold, watching videos and games on the train. The user will not remain without communication even on the third day. If we extrapolate these results to less intensive modes, according to the manufacturer seven days of battery life are seen as quite real. The successful combination of a 5.2-inch screen and “stuffing” Qualcomm, as well as a harmonious duet of the two batteries allows you to arm yourself with energy for the long separation from civilization. And if not purchased replacement batteries, you can even take a little vacation without cable and charger.

To learn more about autonomy innos D6000

Lyricist: Eugene Bitukov

Source: 4pda.ru

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