8636 8 iPhone showed on the "live" photos

8 iPhone showed on the “live” photos

This week, the network got the drawings a metal housing of the future flagship iPhone 8. Attention was drawn to the new location of the main camera – two modules installed in the right corner exactly under each other with an LED flash between them. Shortly thereafter, the designers have created an unofficial render of possible images of an iPhone 8, on the basis of the submitted drawings. The smartphone should be completely frameless, with minimal protrusions of the housing around the screen. The Home button is not provided at all. A day ago, Twitter was seen pictures of the metal frame, and two photos of a prototype iPhone 8.

According to the drawing, the dimensions of the iPhone 8 will be 156,56 x 85,92 mm. For comparison, the dimensions of the iPhone 7 are 138,1 x 67 mm. of the Reasons for such considerable difference are numerous: Apple has decided to increase the screen size and, as a consequence, the dimensions of the body; we have one of reginalnyh prototypes; dimensions are subject to excessive harvesting part of the body. Whatever it was, but two “live” images of the iPhone 8, which appeared online at the same time with the drawings, the smartphone actually looks pretty big and thick.

  • 8 iPhone showed on the “live” photos
  • 8 iPhone showed on the “live” photos

Unfortunately, the smartphone screen is off and to assess the “bermocoll” iPhone 8 is not possible. The Home button is also not visible on the front panel, this gives reason to believe that Apple managed to solve the problem of placing the fingerprint scanner under the front glass.

Apple iPhone 8

iPhone 8 will be the anniversary of the smartphone company, which will present 10 years after the debut of the original iPhone 2G in 2007.

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