10133 A new movie for Mortal Kombat will be similar to "the Avengers" with a rating of 18+

A new movie for Mortal Kombat will be similar to “the Avengers” with a rating of 18+

Hollywood keeps trying to make quality movies based on video games. Despite not the most successful film adaptation of Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed, which received mostly low marks from critics, work on inadaptation continue. The turn – a new movie based on cult series of fighting games Mortal Kombat, which deals with New Line Cinema. Oren was Ozil, the author of the script for a film, shared some interesting details and was told that it will be similar.

Mortal Kombat

According to Oren, the first version of the script to the upcoming film for Mortal Kombat is ready and in spirit reminiscent of “the Avengers” from Marvel. The main differences – the abundance of blood, violence, and more severe and gloomy world. Adaptation is something of a restart of the original film in 1995 and talk about the struggle of the heroes of the Earth with a powerful enemy. The upcoming film promises to be very brutal and will not hide from the viewer the details of how one fighter finishes the other.

Date of the premiere of the new film based on Mortal Kombat is not reported. The producer of the film is James WAN, and Director’s chair went to Simon Macquoid.

Source: screenrant.com

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