8892 A review of Outlast II — a celebration of pain and horror (18+)

A review of Outlast II — a celebration of pain and horror (18+)

Remember the terrible movies or books with which you manage to meet. And not just grotesquely bloody works like “Hostel”and something beyond provocative. Such as the nihilistic “Antichrist” by Lars von Trier. Or sickening in your naturalism “Serbian film” by Srdjan Spasojevic of. Or violating any taboo novel “the 120 days of Sodom” the Marquis de Sade. Now imagine that all of the above compressed into one interactive attraction to pain and humiliation — Outlast II. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…

Disclaimer: next will be a lot of seamy side and tin — impressionable not to read. Real life is so sated with sorrows, so why torture yourself virtual atrocities? But if you like studies in scarlet — well, welcome to a tour of hell.

Outlast II

What won the hearts of millions of the original Outlast 2013? Independent Studio Red Barrels not only brought to mind the idea of Slender: Eight Pages and Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but gave the public what video games shamefully bypassed in any circumstances. In the walls of the sanitarium, the “mount massive” captured by deranged patients were allowed all the murderers walked in the buff, abused corpses and even indulged in sin in the eyes of the shocked gamer. The helplessness of the hero, locking the hide from maniacs on camera heightened the effect of immersion in an interactive analogue of the “Hell cannibals”. In addition, Whistleblower level of naturalism in the depiction of torture shot up even higher. It would seem that much further to easy? But in the second part of the developers surpassed themselves by relying on quasi-religious perversion.


The abyss calls to abyss

The couple-journalists Blake and Lynn Langermann investigating the bizarre death of a pregnant woman, are sent to a godforsaken corner of the Arizona. The helicopter crashed, and consciousness Blake comes near the burning wreckage. His wife was gone, and the mutilated corpse of the pilot, strapped with barbed wire to a pine tree serves as a silent warning: the night is dark and full of terrors. But there is no choice: you need to look for Lynn and in the distance the twinkling lights of a village.

Outlast II

It is easy to understand why the creation of the second part dragged on for four years: Arizona Outback drawn and announced with a frightening attention to detail. Infested with parasites dead animals. Written in the blood of the biblical sayings on the walls of the desecrated Church. Grave crosses with pictures of babies. With each step a growing feeling of inevitable evils, and the slightest rustle or creak makes the loudly beating heart. Ragged, unnerving sound of the violins replaced by a sinister children’s choir from kubicheskogo “the Shining”. This creates a sticky atmosphere of nightmare, which will envy and Resident Evil 7.

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Mass grave of children? What kind of bad people live in this village, cut off from civilization? The sectarians of the community “the Temple Gates” is practicing a perverted Protestantism. Violence, murder, torture the infidels — all supposedly for the greater good and heavenly salvation. The flock blindly follows the instructions of the mad prophet Sullivan Note, preparing to attack the biblical end of the world. And to prevent the coming of the Antichrist, the fanatics brutally cost even with their own offspring.

Outlast II

But there is another extreme: bloody Orgy so clouded the mind of some, that they despised the dogma of the Note surrendered, and primitive instincts. The pagans are hiding in caves and forests, hunting former neighbors in the commune and indulge in unimaginable fornication, bringing the birth of Satan’s son. How would say a little dead Fox from Antichrist Trier, here “chaos reigns”.


And hell followed with him

What is Blake surrounded by bloodthirsty bigots Nota heretics and hungry cannibals? To run, to hide and to peer into the darkness with the camera in night mode. The problem is that the sequel, unlike the original, rarely gives freedom of choice. The openness of the world imaginary: almost all the levels are linear, but on the heels of the hero is a crowd of monsters with a machete. Know what quantum uncertainty in Arizona? This is when the rednecks disappear behind you, on the contrary, appear in the face, though a moment ago was empty. So to sit in barrels, thick grass or in a closet makes no sense, if it is not provided the plot. With the protracted hide-and-seek cultists magically a handful where lies buried Langermann.

Outlast II

But running gives a lot of discoveries. Athletic amusements are built on a series of trial and error: you need to get from point a to point B. but that’s the point B is rarely obvious. This can be a tiny gap between two sheds, a little digging under the fence or enclosure that you want to move away from the door. But you have only a few seconds to understand Jesuit logic of the game designers before the pursuers shares at the offal. Have to replay a dozen times a episodes, the benefit of checkpoints is enough. “A-Ah, stalking me, scary! Died! Again, run away! Died. Chase. Died”. So fear is replaced by annoyance. Of course, this was in the first part, but its duration was three to four hours, not seven or eight, as in the case with the sequel.

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Put up thy sword into the sheath

And it is not to say that Red Barrels tried to diversify the marathon routine. At one point Blake sneaks in the darkness, focusing solely on the sounds. Another hides in the lake from his pursuers, surfacing for a few seconds to simply breath the air. Alas, these finds are criminally low, especially when compared with Resident Evil 7 and Alien: Isolation, angloromani situations on the fly. In addition, Langermann gets in the crossfire, that’s amazing how he manages to stay on his feet and not raskurochit saving the camera. However, embedding sectarian frail, barely standing on his feet, he somehow is not able…

Outlast II

Bezoruzhnost — a proprietary feature of the series, but in the Arizona wilderness and non-resistance to evil by violence is contrary to the circumstances. Blake, your wife kidnapped degenerates, entertain fornication and torture! You go through the nine circles of hell, descending into the heart of darkness, but afraid to get her hands dirty? Around the same lying shovels, knives and boards. Oh, those conventionalities. But in QTE-scenes journalist shows miracles of self-defense: gives Duke-Suceska kicks and moves heavy cabinets.

But at certain moments, the authors are able to Outlast II fear, and even show off kinotsitat. Hero, to the delight of fans of”Children of the corn”, sneaks through the vast field, avoiding those who bypasses series. Floated on the river, like the characters of “Liberation.” Runs in narrow tunnels from the distant relatives of cannibals from “Descent”.

Outlast II

Particularly successful episodes with hallucinations: from time to time Blake is transferred to a Catholic school where there was clearly something sinister. Endless dark corridors, flickering lamp, a vague silhouette of a girl in the distance — it is ruled by his Majesty the Suspense. All the precepts of our Stanley Kubrick.


A time to love and a time to hate

It is symbolic that in Montreal, Red Barrels are working French Canadians with characteristic surnames: Charpentier, Senecal, Chateauneuf. The sequel so blatantly breaks a taboo that begs the comparison is not with Hollywood “slaughterhouse”, and with the strips in the direction of the”New French extreme”. “Border” Xavier Hans, “Bloody harvest” Alexandra Even and especially “Martyrs” by Pascal Laugier. The above-mentioned films not only give vulgar immoral feast for the eyes, but also asking difficult questions about the nature of evil and madness of the modern world. So for brutality Outlast II lies one of the deepest in video game history, the arguments about religion, revenge and repentance. Where there is Ken Levine with his BioShock Infinite!

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Outlast II

The events are staged so that you live a change of heart Blake in the first person. Langermann rushes headlong at the flooded mine, crawls into a crack and falls on the tiled floor of the school pool. Wander through the corridors, avoiding meeting with multi-armed monster, is on the roof of the building and back again to Arizona. The transitions between past and present occur seamless, conveying a hallucination of a journalist. Unfortunately, the most vivid narrative findings it is impossible to tell without spoilers: will hint that two chapters not casually named “Calvary” and “Apocalypse”. And the final will cover such emotions that it is time to compare them with impressions of Red Dead Redemption, The Last of Us and Silent Hill 2.

That’s why Outlast II … The world is drawn photorealistic, and the cultists look like plastic dolls. The story involves a thoughtful immersion and collection of notes, but the gameplay dragged out of the swamps and the slaughterhouses under the hooting of rednecks. The authors clearly had fun to fill a game chock-full of biblical quotations and allusions than to think about new ways to fear-mongering. On the other hand, the choice of fans of horror there: rarely have spoiled the projects of the AAA quality with a ridiculous price tag of 499 rubles.

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  • burning out the nerves atmosphere;
  • provocative story;
  • photorealistic exemplary graphics and art design;
  • brilliant sound;
  • brain-breaking ending;
  • stable 60 fps at 1080p on consoles;
  • maniacal attention to detail of the world;
  • the dramatization of religious scenes horror movies;
  • decent Russian localization;
  • extremely affordable the cost of the PC version.


  • monotonous hide and seek and chase;
  • enemies openly cheat;
  • unjustified insecurity.
  • the game often shocking or annoying than scary;
  • animation of individual characters says hi “Pinocchio”;
  • key plot details are submitted through notes.


  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer: Red Barrels
  • Publisher: Red Barrels
  • Release date in Russia: April 25, 2017
  • Localization: Russian interface and subtitles
  • Similar games: Outlast, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, SOMA, Alien: Isolation
  • Is it worth buying now? Yes

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The author of the text: Vladimir Saldan

Source: 4pda.ru

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