8709 A review of The Disney Afternoon Collection — classic "Dandy" for 900 rubles

A review of The Disney Afternoon Collection — classic “Dandy” for 900 rubles

Nostalgia is a terrible thing. Succumb to how the understanding that all the best is behind us. And there’s no nonsense not only done that at least for a few moments, to feel again there — in a bright past. For example, without flinching lay out a tidy sum for the works, which amused me greatly decades ago. Time after time we are caught in the network of those, who are trying to cash in on our nostalgia, and with minimal effort for yourself. A side effect is that the light turns to dust, decay and hopelessness. But unless there is someone cares?

The early 1990s, and you ten…

…you go to school, chase in the yard with friends in football, and you absolutely don’t care what is happening in the country, who was killed at the next gangster dismantling, and how much is a dollar.

The Disney Afternoon Collection

Much more important on the weekend to Wake up early and half an hour to occupy an old TV to see who will save this time a brave Chip and Dale, did the crew “Dive” again to leave the air pirates out of business and what new treasures you will find nephews of uncle Scrooge. From all the Windows in the district heard “the Ducks, whoo-whoo!“, and ugly plastic offspring Chinese igroproma exactly flying off the shelves. The generation born in the Soviet Union, and growing in Russia for the first time acquainted with the cartoons of Disney and going crazy with delight.


The mid-1990s and you’re fourteen…

…cartoons do not appeal to me, and the TV is a new purpose — to connect to it the coveted “Dandy”, which opens the door to the exciting world of video games. Despite the appearance in the house of the new gadget, preferences do not change: on the orange cartridge flaunt squeaky duck face, and in 8-bit squeak speaker unmistakably recognized favorite with the kindergarten motif “Chip Chip Chip Chip and Dale to you in a hurry…“.

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The Disney Afternoon Collection

Almost thirty years ago, every more or less significant episode of Disney transferred to the language of joypads and consoles, and some even twice. “Duck tales”, “Miracles on bends”, “the Rescuers rescue”, “Black cloak” — zasmotreny up holes cartoons have reached a new level with the easy flow of the Japanese company Capcom. Now anyone could become a hero beloved adventure. Each student can try himself as a cheerful Chipmunk, duck-Scrooge, a desperate bear-pilot.

Progressive for its time platformers sported stories featuring iconic characters, stunning for those times gameplay finds, and (in the case of Rescue Rangers) multiplayer. And they were furious hardcore and napichkannyi all kinds of secrets, so you can play each of them was a very long time.


The 2000s, you’re twenty -…

…and you in the childhood was “Dandy.” But there is a computer, and it gathered craftsmen emulators and virtual cartridges. And, of course, any of you advise what DuckTales is necessary to try, because it’s a classic — no less than Contra and Mortal Kombat. Old platformers look beaten down by life, but not the essence — once you’re so jealous of console gamers from the fifth floor that they feel entitled to catch up.

The Disney Afternoon Collection

With grief in half, mastered the keyboard control, unmanageable complexity is debited to the peculiarities of emulation, and in her early thirties decade games to discern the characteristics of the newer hits. Adventure DuckTales involuntarily compared with Tomb Raider, TaleSpin perceived scrolling shooter in its original form, and Darkwing Duck somehow is associated with stealth action. In General, the Gestalt is closed, as it should be.


2010 and you for thirty…

…at your place “plasma” in a half console of the last generation or same computer power as a few thousand “Dandy.” All is good, but you can see that Capcom has released an updated version of The Disney Afternoon Collection, and nostalgia takes over.

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The Disney Afternoon Collection

Six old titles flaunt a stylish wrap and high resolution, and contemporary speakers to reproduce 8-bit melodies so that they don’t even cut the ear. Each piece of the collection is provided with mode Museum where you can admire the sketches and various illustrations. Bright and colorful The Disney Afternoon Collection looks and works exactly the to before my eyes instantly flashed memories of childhood and youth, and clicking on START it was possible to feel again just a schoolboy…

Can’t go ten minutes as a colossus on clay feet with a roar of collapsing. Of course, if you once jammed cartridge “Dandy” to the holes, found all the secrets from secret levels to transparent walls, just skip what is written next. Because to touch the rest of The Disney Afternoon Collection is not necessary. Capcom took the artifacts of antiquity, put it in not the most stable emulator of questionable quality, wrapped in a frame for compliance with the current screens and released to the world, adding as a bonus a couple of filters and a bunch of system awards.

The Disney Afternoon Collection

At the dawn of time almost each of the six games of the collection was a benchmark of game design and graphics. The first DuckTales for many years rested on Olympus platformer, and Rescue Rangers to competently multiply the chaos and speed by two, the number of users. But the sequels to the originals lasted, and in The Disney Afternoon Collection came clearly. However, the hits or not, does not matter: now all six — the only remnants of the past that place in the far archive shelves, but not on display, but still with the same price tag.

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Sitting in front of a TV or HD monitor to crackle squeezing high-tech multi-button joystick, you’ll be surprised as hell to play. And then your sweet memories will start to rust and crumble under the pressure of harsh reality.

[embedded content]

The final nail in the coffin will be the only innovation of the Disney Afternoon Collection — the Rewind button, which allows at any time to turn back the clock and avoid death by negligence. Goodbye Wii, Hello, cheating. Twenty years ago, that possibility was dreaming of all the polls, now she will become the twelfth stroke of the clock, after which coachmen become mice, the carriage into a pumpkin, and the once incredible works — in hoary antiquity.


The yard is 2017 and you’re fifteen…

…you play Grand Theft Auto V and Mortal Kombat X look forward to a brand new Call of Duty, and the parents somehow occupied the console and I drive a very old, obviously for children and totally incomprehensible. Let enough ponostalgirovat. It is long.



  • it is a symbol of our childhood;
  • can heartily to revive old;
  • button rewind time allows you to avoid mistakes and frustration;
  • a lot of interesting materials in the mode of Museum.


  • over the past decade, games have become obsolete;
  • not all the projects in the book deserve attention;
  • built-in emulator manages to brake in the most unexpected places;
  • the possibility of reverse time destroys the unique atmosphere of “excessive complexity” and harms the game design;
  • clearly too high a price tag.


  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Developer: Backbone Entertainment
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release date in Russia: April 3, 2017
  • Localization: shell in Russian, game in English
  • Similar games: Super Mario Bros., Tiny Toon Adventures, DuckTales Remastered, Shovel Knight
  • Is it worth buying now? No

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Lyricist: Yana Sorokina

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