A woman who has learned to see… ears

Last saw 21-year-old Pat Fletcher before the explosion, was a steel tank filled with chemical substances, which suddenly flowed. It was too late when she realized that the plastic hose in her hand extremely hot. The world flashed blindingly bright and turned blue, the color of the flame that engulfed her body.When Pat woke up, she thought she was still asleep. The world around her was dark and expressionless, as if she got into a grey, thick fog. Sedatives and painkillers did their work, her face was wrapped in thick bandages. But soon to bed doctor came. And Pat learned all. Was the accident caused by the reaction of two volatile chemicals in a weapons factory, where she worked. One of her eyes was gone; the second remained, but would never open. Pat is lucky to be alive, the doctor had told her. But there was no hope that she will again begin to see.

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