10371 [advertising] Beer party - the opening of the official fan club Meizu in Kiev on may 24!

[advertising] Beer party – the opening of the official fan club Meizu in Kiev on may 24!

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Пивная вечеринка - открытие официального клуба фанов Meizu в Киеве 24 мая!

Famous manufacturer of smartphones, does not need lengthy submissions, officially opens the club’s fans of its products in Ukraine. The first meeting of fans of Meizu will happen in Kiev tomorrow, on Wednesday 24 may at 18.30.

Any owner of a smartphone Meizu (no matter which model!) definitely can get there. A lot of free beer, food, contests with prizes, official representatives of the headquarters of Meizu from China and well-known comedian Paul Cat from Odessa are waiting for Meizu fans in the Arena restaurant, House (metro station Lev Tolstoy square, St Baseina 2A). Check-in starts from 18:30, you need to have only a smartphone Meizu and… a good mood.

And bring the old device Meizu, which only find. Though smartphone, even though the player — owners of the most ancient gadgets will be prizes for the loyalty stamp.

The company Meizu say that such fan clubs in addition to Ukraine are open only in four countries. It turned out that the sales of Meizu in Ukraine is so high that our country now is among the priority markets for Meizu. And, most likely, only one fan club is not limited. So come tomorrow at Arena House show and Meizu that they made the right decision by putting on Ukraine. At the same time and have some fun!

Guests check into the event page.

We repeat: beer, snacks, entertainment – all for free at the expense of Meizu! Your pass – smartphone Meizu any model. Come!

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