10853 Advertising Vkontakte as a way to gain Zen

Advertising Vkontakte as a way to gain Zen

Реклама ВКонтакте как способ обрести дзен

For anybody not a secret that a lot of people use social networks to promote a particular product. In this case, almost everyone benefits from advertising: the advertiser attracts new buyers, the site profits, and the potential clients receive information about a new product. Of course, there are those who are dissatisfied with the is is the users that is not interested. Actually remove ads Vkontakte is quite simple. That is, if you want to set yourself a advertising, want – remove completely. And you still need for for Zen?

How to make advertising Vkontakte

Advertising on the website Vkontakte is very profitable and tempting for advertisers, as the social network is just a huge audience. In order to learn how to advertise Vkontakte their offspring, just read a couple of paragraphs below.

To start at the bottom of the page you should find the icon Ads and click on it. To make it possible for every registered user of the social network.

Как рекламировать ВКонтакте

If you are wondering how to make an advertising post Vkontakte, first and foremost, you need to choose your target audience so that your advertising campaign successful.

How to set targeted advertising Vkontakte?

Click Create ad.

Как правильно составить рекламный пост ВКонтакте

From that moment begins targeting of ads, that is, the choice of the target audience. You can configure the following criteria:

  • Country;
  • City or region;
  • Floor;
  • Age range;
  • Marital status;
  • Interests;
  • Education.

In addition, choosing criteria, you can see how many people are in this target audience, which is very convenient. Many only show the country and the age, but this is a huge mistake.

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How to promote group VK

Most often in Vkontakte advertise different groups, but it should be done properly to attract the maximum number of new users. It is important to pay special attention to this graph as the Interests.

Как правильно рекламировать группу ВКонтакте

Of course, putting the interests of potential readers, you know that the number of users in the target group will decrease, but will increase the likelihood that people most will pay attention to your ad.

An extended geography and Education and working will also help you to narrow your target audience, but also to specify it.

Additional parameters in your targeting settings to use not less important. In this category there are two lines of Browser-based devices and Key words. We are interested in when it comes to key words since they also help to find those users who are interested in your ad. If a person enters the same keywords as in your ad, it will be displayed to him.

Как сделать таргетированную рекламу ВК

Before the ad will appear to users of the social network, it must pass moderation, which in Facebook is quite strict. The most popular mistake made by advertisers is to appeal to “you”, and in fact are only ads with “you”. Provide the telephone number in the text or in the picture also is useless, since moderators will not miss these ads. Advertising of drugs, pornography and tobacco on the site is prohibited. Also, do not always stand the test of candid photos.

In conclusion, I want to say that Vkontakte is paid. The price of the advertising depends on the choice of the target group. Advertisers bid on the auction, and that determines whose post will be placed.

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How to remove ads in the VC?

Still, the presence of advertising annoying. Although until recently it wasn’t a problem because on the website the advertisement was placed only to the left in the block, and many simply never noticed. Recently, however, new types of advertising, more annoying to users. So, let’s talk about how to disable ads in the VC.

The most innocuous form of advertising is a left block, it placed two ads.

Как отключить рекламу в ВКонтакте

To remove such advertising is not difficult, just install a special browser extension. There are quite a lot, but the most popular is AdblockPlus.

The extension can be installed on any browser:

  • Mozilla Firefox: go to the link, install the extension. To do this, click on the button add to Firefox and Ustanoviti now.
  • Opera: download this extension. To do this, click on add to Opera and press Set.
  • Google Chrome: this extension will help to get rid of ads. Click on Freeand then on Install.

After you’ve installed the extension, simply refresh the page Vkontakte, the is should be lost.

The second type of advertising is really annoying, unfortunately, the extension does not block it. Such advertising may emerge from below, side, top. But is such a view can only appear if you have installed special extension in your browser. Moreover, these extensions can be downloaded accidentally clicking on the wrong button, or when downloading files.

Open your browser settings and Podesite all those extensions that you do not install themselves intentionally.

If the extension for blocking ads and removing suspicious extensions you have not helped, then it is likely that your PC has some virus. Or, as one of our friend the sorceress and the witch, this is something you do not eat.

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By the way, if you have problems logging on to the network, read the instructions on how to bypass the lock VK.

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