Against hacking is techniques: how to protect your game account from hackers

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The nightmare of any gamer: wanted pereproyti the third “the Witcher”, to drive in GTA: San Andreas or toss the old days, to roll the second Fallout. Turn on the computer, go into Steam — and it turns out… account hosted by someone else, and the rightful owner can’t even log on! Of course, a savvy hacker first changed the password and email to once and for all to cut off you from honestly purchased games, cards, and boxes of skins and hats.

I think it’s just horror stories? If! At Valve lead disappointing figures: every month the attackers “gone” on average, 77000 other webpages with all the equipment. On theft complain and the owners Origin, native client Electronic Arts and Uplay from Ubisoft. The proud owners of consoles do not rush to relax! The chances of losing Xbox Live or PlayStation Network you have.

Как защитить игровой аккаунт от хакеров

Theft of accounts to their subsequent resale is big business. To verify this, simply Google the relevant query. In response to be issued to multiple sites with a range, from which dazzled. Want to impress your friends with years of service on Steam? Please the price is some 400 rubles. I dream to check out Prey and Ghost Recon Wildlands on the PlayStation 4, but the toad smothers to give them eight thousand? No problem, “good people” will adjust things for two. Always wanted to collect a full collection of hats in Team Fortress 2, but not going to buy them from Gabe? Every whim for your money! The client is required only to pay without asking, where firewood, and not getting frustrated when the support will cut off his access, and savvy seller will wash his hands. Or in the best case offer to buy a new account with pumped skill. Of course, also stolen.


The rules of hacking

Enough to frolic in someone else’s Origin, Xbox Live or PSN, it is not necessary to show the wonders of ingenuity. Most hackers bypassed simple but effective ways. Here are the most common.

Phishing (phishing) — not for nothing is consonant to the English word “fishing”. Potential victims throws the bait and wait for someone to bite. Most often it is mass mailing’, very similar to the present. Being represented by the administration of the service (thank you for not Gabe Newell and Cusom Hirai, although some of the originals and are not averse to), liars please follow the link and log on to the website — for example, to participate in the competition or simply to confirm the security of your account. The link seems to lead to Steam and does not cause suspicion. And the site looks before it seems that Gabe himself will not distinguish — to make a copy of the relevant pages in the present work a couple of hours. And only the most attentive will notice that they have not slipped yet steamcommunity.coma some or

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Как защитить игровой аккаунт от хакеров

Another popular method of phishing to play on the ineradicable thirst for freebies. Enough to scatter everywhere links like “gold Generator for WoW!!!100% GUARANTEE!!!” or “WOW!!! Free skins for CS:GO!!!!111”. Everything you need to get a bun — follow the link and enter the username and password. That’s the only real buns will go to the cracks that you notice, voluntarily! — shared personal information. The method is simple, and still works — always will be found the kettle, which will lead to promised him mountains of gold.

Malware. The name of them is Legion, but the most common keyloggers. Simplicity provided them with the love of the people to write this. maybe even for the novice kolhatkar. Keyloggers save everything you type with the keyboard and transmit this information to the attacker. Of course, among everything that you type, sooner or later will be your password to login and the offender need only this. This kind of programs are distributed among the gamers under the guise of “cheats”, “generators” and other whistles and zonelock.

Как защитить игровой аккаунт от хакеров

However, some keyloggers matter is not limited. The last couple of years of young hackers popular Steam Stealer — she can steal not only the accounts, but individual items from the inventory. The program often masquerades as your favorite gamers clients like TeamSpeak and Razer Comms — downloading it, many people are unaware that actually installs the virus. Steam Stealer is cheap and easy to handle for a working version you will be asked about 200 rubles, and for the version with source code and manual — 450. For the malware market, where prices start from $ 500 for the program, it is virtually pennies that pay off very quickly — stolen can be sold almost immediately. Not a program, but a dream.

The vulnerability of third-party services. Even if you don’t buy into the promises of freebies and not go to questionable Internet nooks and crannies, burglars can access your data. After all, you was not just for Steam, Google Mail and the forum 4PDA — anyone has ever bought anything in Ozon, ordered small things from AliExpress, looking for a cheaper ticket through a Momondo. Now online registration is almost everything — and not to worry about a everywhere enter the same combination of numbers, letters, maiden name of mother and name of your favorite cactus.

[embedded content]

But even the largest sites and services do not always survive the attacks aimed to gain access to user data (especially, of course, to their credit). This data is then often find themselves in the darknet, where they for not too much cost, can buy everyone. And the hacker knows only one password gets you access to all your pages — and in particularly severe cases, and email, and payment details.

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The vulnerability of clients. When it comes to major services of the respected companies, like the Valve or Sony would like to think that they don’t buy protection. But the old woman is a student. For example, a year ago because of problems with cache Steam could randomly fall into someone else’s account — than some of the unscrupulous personality was immediately used.

The latest scandal around the platform erupted in February of this year — the hole in the XSS even viewing their own tape updates, or someone else’s profile could turn into a problem. The attacker was enough to leave on the page a command message, for example, using JavaScript. The Steam client do it automatically, without any notification and could redirect you to a page with more dangerous viruses.

[embedded content]

Well, how to forget about “the great hacking of 2011”when hackers put Sony servers and stole data of 77 million users of PSN? So the group Anonymous decided to take revenge on Japanese corporations for trying to sue George Hotz, nicknamed Geohot. He managed to hack the PlayStation 3 and run their own programs — and it meant that the console can run pirated games.


What to do if you are hacked?

If the worst happened — before calling for help, it is better first to check the computer (and along with the smartphone) antivirus and change password email. After you can chat with staff support varying degrees of friendliness.

The most convenient service, probably from the PlayStation Network — you can call around the clock, you can write a mail and will answer you very quickly, and in Russian. Xbox Live deals with complaints via live chat, Twitter and the forum, but all three — only in English, and Twitter responds to requests hours local time. However, if necessary you can call, but the call should ask yourself. And Yes, speaking English too to teach myself. In Origin, you can contact us by phone — calls are accepted with 11:00 to 19:00 Moscow time. There is communication through the chat (again, in the language of Albion).

Как защитить игровой аккаунт от хакеров

But with Steam you will likely have to conduct a long correspondence — support, Valve is known for its slowness, thus thoroughly reducing the value of otherwise very convenient service. Get ready to recover the account will not always. But if the previous “owner” had to catch a ban from VAC (brand of defense against cheating in multiplayer), shoot it’s no spell will fail.

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How to protect yourself?

Unfortunately, universal protection from cybercriminals to this day have not invented (we’ll let you know when this happiness will happen). But there are time-tested tips that will help to protect your pocket and the technique from bad people.

Install two-factor authentication. It is now almost all game services. Yes, you have to grab the smartphone at the slightest provocation (for example, if you use another computer or try to drive some change from the in-game inventory) — but it’s worth it. Two-factor authentication — perhaps not the most reliable of the available methods of protection against hacking.

Как защитить игровой аккаунт от хакеров

Use managers and generators password. Good protection from keyloggers and brute force. Manager program that stores all your passwords (you will need to remember only one from the Manager) and insert them myself, so that attackers will not be able to get them through a Keylogger. And the generator is combination, to select which just does not work. If you are particularly worried about their possessions — control options with additional protection, like the entrance to a fingerprint.

Do not open suspicious files. Even in seemingly innocuous PDF-ku can put a virus that will make a lot of troubles. Open only that sniffed a good antivirus and/or obtained from a trusted source.

Do not walk on suspicious links. And do not be lazy once again look at the address bar of your browser to make sure that you do invite to the site, and not the hackers for the distribution accounts.

[embedded content]

Do not enter data anywhere. Remember, these support services will never ask you to login on some other website or through the mail, and indeed will never demand personal data in a letter or message. Do not click on links from such emails and if an hour has managed — in any case do not type the username and password! Just close the page or, better still, clear your browser cache after that.

Use the antivirus. Yes, they cost money, slow down the computer during the scans and act on the nerves of the regular warnings. But saves a lot of time, nerves and money in the long run. If you do not wish to shell out out of principle, install the free options is the same Avira.

Don’t get fooled by free. It is on this count hackers promise when generators game currency, cheats, and more. Remember: if an offer sounds too good somewhere in it is hidden not only cheese, but mangler with a spring.


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