Alive! The smart-watches market grew by 1% in 2016

Заживем! Рынок смарт-часов вырос на 1% в 2016 году

“Smart” clock did not manage to win a place on the hand of users, and last year the situation has only worsened. Problems Pebble over the sale of dia assets of a startup Fitbit, Motorola changed its mind to release a new model of the Moto 360 (and have already turned down sales of the second generation hours), and HTC have frozen a joint project of the wearable gadget under the brand Under Armour. According to estimates from Strategy Analytics, 2016, sales of smart hours increased by only 1.4% to 21.1 million units. For comparison, in 2015 the market has demonstrated an impressive growth of 352.2%.

Apple in the lead


Data analysts confirm the words of Tim cook on record sales of the Apple Watch during the holiday season. For the fourth quarter, the American company shipped 5.2 million hours, they accounted for 63.4% of all deliveries. The second place occupies Samsung, realize three months 0.8 million units, 38% fewer year-ago results. Strategy Analytics attributes this to the pending release of a new model Gear S3, which went on sale only in the end of November (we already have the review version of the Frontier). Two manufacturers are in the lead by a large margin. All other players (including Garmin, Motorola, Fitbit and Huawei) won in 2016, only a third of the market.

What will happen next

According to experts, reduction of prices and special offers from operators will help return interest in “smart” gadgets. Another direction in which you want to work with manufacturers is to increase the accuracy of sensors that measure rates of physical activity.

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In early February, Google will release a major update to Android Wear 2.0, at the same time, the search giant will introduce a smart watch LG Watch Style and Watch Sport, developed jointly with the Korean company. Probably the Fitbit also is preparing a new smart device-enabled applications (after the purchase of soft Pebble she managed to get their hands on even one startup Vector).


Source: Strategy Analytics

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