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All you need to know about Apple WWDC 2017

Всё, что вам нужно знать про Apple WWDC 2017

Every time from conferences for developers, all waiting for something of his. As a rule, the fans are waiting for new evidence of her leadership. Haters and other detractors from other religious denominations and technical, on the contrary, see in these statements a confirmation of their own versions of the decline of companies. This year, Apple introduced a significant upgrade of their operating systems and was pleased with not only the developers who gathered in San Jose town in California that is part of the Mecca of high technology — Silicon Valley. Not superfluous to recall that the conference is held for developers, this is not a presentation of new gadgets for consumers. Therefore, much of the new features of the operating system the average user is difficult to assess. All these innovations will appear (or not appear, if will not be popular with developers) only after six months or a year. And we’ll talk about what to remember for ordinary people after WWDC 2017.

The new iPad Pro 10.5

Finding no other way to drastically change the best tablet on the market, Apple has gone the way of horizontal development of the line iPad. After the monster iPad Pro with a diagonal of 12.9 inches and a stylus and its smaller version — the iPad Pro with a diagonal of 9.7 inches , the company presented the 10.5-inch version of the tablet, the rumors about which appeared in March. This tablet is replacing the 9.7-inch iPad and allows the company to sell new items without explicitly reducing the prices of their tablets. For the new iPad Pro has developed a new 6-core 64-bit processor A10X Fusion with 12-core graphics. Apple says about the performance increase in comparison with the A9X processor of 30%, and the chart is 40%. The new iPad Pro is equipped with a 12-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, front-facing 7-megapixel camera and Touch ID sensor.


Along with the new iPad Pro and updated version of iPad Pro 12.9, received a new iOS 11 (about it later). These tablets do not have versions with 32 and 128 gigabytes of internal memory — modification start with 64. And the prices — from $ 650 (in the US, excluding taxes) for a tablet with 10.5-inch and $ 800 for 12.9-inch version. Leather covers, envelopes for these tablets will cost 130 and $ 150, the Smart Cover — $50 ($70), keyboard (promise localization 30 languages, but about the Russian language does not say anything) — $160 ($170), Losing the stylus still costs $ 100. Sales start in a week in 37 countries, including Russia.

New iMac Pro

And not finding a use for your Mac Pro with a unique design and an even more unique price, Apple decided to change the vector of development of graphic workstations, sending it towards the line of iMac desktop computers. Now it is a 27-inch computer with a screen resolution of 5K (5120×2880 pixels), a Radeon Pro Vega terabyte SSD (can be increased to 4 TB), 8-core Xeon processor (there is also version with 10-and 18-core processor) and 32 gigabytes of RAM (you can install 64 and 128 GB). This computer has 4 USB 3.0 and 4 Thunderbolt ports 3 (USB-C).


Sales of the iMac Pro will be available in December, starts with immodest price tag of $ 5,000. Another amazing figure, which emphasizes manufacturer — 22 teraflops performance (presumably, in the maximum configuration). To digest this figure, a pretty picture all this cooling power contained in a canonical aluminum housing.


Apple HomePod — smart column for the home

About what Apple plans to show at WWDC 2017 smart column became known the day before. This is a logical step for any ecosystem with the development of artificial intelligence. Similar products already have a Google (column Home working using the voice assistant Google) and Amazon (column Echo using the Alexa service). By the way, we have a separate article that compares the features of Google Home, and Amazon Echo. Column Apple HomePod features 7 multidirectional speakers and a subwoofer and the cost will be $ 350 (not including tax). Apple is not particularly looking forward to strong sales, therefore, restricted (yet) the geography of sales in three countries: USA, UK and Australia, the beginning of sales is scheduled for Dec.


However, Apple, in his own manner said that she reinvented house music. Have HomePod have 6 microphones that perform multiple tasks: they help voice assistant Siri has better speech recognition and direction to the user and are used to study reflection of sound waves in the room and automatically optimize the sound in the room. The speaker itself has a diameter of 142 mm and a height of 172 mm. I guess we all know where to use the design which popular Mac Pro.

Update iMac and MacBook

Along with the new Apple iMac Pro at the same time updated its entire line of desktop computers and laptops. They all received new Intel generation Kaby Lake. In iMac has a Thunderbolt connector 3. From pleasant news — a younger version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro is cheaper by $ 200 and was worth (before taxes) of $ 1,300. Now in the iMac lineup consists of three models: the youngest, the 21.5-inch FullHD display and a price tag of $ 1,100, equivalent with a 4K display costs $ 1300 and the older 27-inch model computer with a screen resolution of 5K and priced from $1800.


The changes only touched the MacBook Air, which is the cheapest ($1,000 U.S. before tax) with a laptop. Today in the line of laptops include the 13.3-inch Air and 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro c the diagonals of 13 and 15 inches. 15-inch MacBook Pro is equipped with another brand touch panel TouchBar, there is still the 13-inch version with the same panel.

IOS 11

A new version of iOS can be called the largest update of Apple’s operating system for smartphones and tablets over the past few years. What you need to know about this update? First, the tablet came docking the task bar, coming from macOS. Secondly, there is a possibility of copying the files by simple dragging them from one window to another (and Yes — there is multitasking and even pre-installed file Manager called Files). Added some semblance of the desktop with widgets, allowing you to quickly manage running applications, and activate different modes of operation.


Functions are important, but not having (yet) usefulness to our users, it is worth noting the emergence of money transfers between users of Apple Pay, which works through the messenger. For drivers there is a very useful feature — the regime “do not disturb while I’m driving”. And the developers are talking about deep integration of machine learning (ML — machine learning) to the operating system. From the user point of view it will be noticeable in the work of Siri, which will speak more naturally and will become (as the assistant to Google) to anticipate user desires. Of other important things noteworthy updated the app Store to attract attention which used the sequel to the game Monument Valley 2. The developers have updated HomeKit, SiriKit and MusicKit, and focused on the possibilities of augmented reality, so that in the near future we should expect games with elements of AR and intense graphics, which are retracted Pokemon Go, and, at the same time, will make roughly enjoy manufacturers external batteries.

For iOS developers 11 became available immediately. Public beta everyone can try it in a week, and full access iOS 11 will leave in the fall and will be available for iPhone starting from version 5s and iPad, starting with Air.

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Updated macOS — High Sierra

Remember this picture — it will be a symbol next version of macOS coming to replace the current Sierra. Apple did not bother with the name and called the next version after the highest part of the ridge of the Sierra. For the average user in this system, little will change radically — updated apps-Photos, Mail, Safari. By the way, that will be an interesting opportunity, which is to adopt all developers of browsers — run lock video on web pages. It, first of all, talking about annoying advertising. In the updated macOS will support the codec H. 265, the new file system APFS (Apple File System). But developers should remember about the graphics support Metal 2, and enhanced virtual reality.


For developers macOS High Sierra is available for enthusiasts who wish to become beta testers will give it free to download at the end of June, and the fall of High Sierra comes on all Apple computers and will be available in the app store.

Update watchOS 4

The last thing you should know about WWDC 2017 is an upgrade of the operating system for smart watches Apple watch OS 4. In this version added the possibility to work with the Apple Music service and training. Added support for transfer of money to Apple Pay between the users and improved integration with Siri (although it is rather a merit of the developers of Siri). Added several options for dials (Apple call them Faces), including characters animated film “toy Story”.


All this, apparently, was quite enough, so at the same time introduced several new remeskov for hours, including fun.

That’s all you need to know about WWDC 2017. Now send the link to friends in a social network and follow us on.

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All you need to know about Apple WWDC 2017

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