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ALO — a concept smartphone of the future

Eugene Lubnicki


Over the past few years the appearance of smartphones have changed quite a bit, but in General these devices are still parallelepipeds, and just changed the mechanical buttons on the touch screens.

Two French designer Philipee Starck and Jerome Olivet decided it was time to make the smartphone market a small revolution, and proposed his radical vision of the future smartphone.

Device name ALO is unlike any of the well known electronic gadgets. It has an elongated oval shape and made of transparent, reminiscent of a thick glass material.

ALO - концептуальный смартфон будущего In the smartphone ALO You will find the traditional touch screen, and the existing panel only displays a minimalistic interface. Smartphone control will be implemented mainly through the voices and the content should be displayed using holographic images.

ALO - концептуальный смартфон будущегоCurrently, ALO is just a concept, but the designers plan to develop a working prototype. To do this, they partnered with Thomson.

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ALO — a concept smartphone of the future

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