AMD talked about the future of processors Ryzen

During the recent PAX West 2017 videobloger Joker took an exclusive interview with the marketing Manager of AMD don Woligroski. During the meeting, the representative of AMD told some extremely interesting and unexpected details about the future plans of the company. In particular, don Woligroski hinted at a new generation of processors Ryzen. According to him, currently developed by the Zen architecture of the second generation will be no less promising than the original.

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About the development of the second generation architecture of Zen has long been known — however, without any details. Don Woligroski said that their priority goal is to increase the clock frequency of the processors and at the same time to improve the measure of the number of executable per clock instructions. The processors on the architecture of Zen 2 will be made for 7-nm process technology and are expected by the end of next year. But to them (roughly in the spring of next year) will be the Pinnacle Ridge CPUs based on the second generation core Zeppelin.

AMD Ryzen

According to don Woligroski, they are not going to sit idle after the successful release of processors Ryzen first generation. Woligroski stated that AMD is not a “one-hit wonders” and they intend to continue to support the competition next year.

AMD Ryzen

Any accurate technical data is representative of AMD are not told, but judging by his words, the company has focused primarily on the fact that care users: specific performance and clock frequency. They intend to make the most possible of its future processors. The only concrete clarification from don was the promise that the new processors will overcome the mark of 4 GHz.

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AMD Ryzen

GlobalFoundries, a key partner of AMD promises that the new 7-nm process will reduce energy consumption by 60% and increase productivity by 50% compared to current solutions is made for 14-nm process technology.


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