10995 AMD Ryzen graphics Vega will appear in laptops

AMD Ryzen graphics Vega will appear in laptops

At Computex in Taipei 2017 AMD in addition to the presentation of the new high-performance processors Ryzen Threadripper first showed a working prototype of the laptop chipset Ryzen with integrated graphics Vega. About the specifications of the chip manufacturer is almost nothing reported. We only know that it uses four cores and eight threads. During the presentation, AMD has launched on the laptop the video playback, but demonstrate how it copes with more complex operations, for unclear reasons, was not.


The new chipset is built into an ultra-portable form factor that should contribute to the preservation of the ability of AMD to scale Zen and Vega to the lower values of power required in mobile devices. AMD claims that the mobile version of Ryzen has 50% higher CPU performance and 40% higher GPU performance than the AMD APU seventh generation.

It is known that the production of mobile processor Ryzen scheduled for the second half of this year.

Source: pcper.com

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