11279 An insider leaked details about the iPhone 8, new iMac and smart glasses Apple

An insider leaked details about the iPhone 8, new iMac and smart glasses Apple

Tomorrow, 5 June, Apple will present several new products, including recent versions of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Together with them, is expected to announce updated MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, as well as speakers with a built-in assistant Siri and an iMac. Before the start of WWDC 2017 in the popular Western site Reddit made itself felt, the anonymous author, supposedly working in Foxconn. He stated that he had seen live a lot of future devices “Apple” company and are ready to share the details. During the conversation, the author told about the plans cupertinos company until 2019.

Most of the questions users have emerged about the upcoming iPhone 8. Leaked with rear fingerprint scanner a lot of excited users, but the insider was quick to reassure people and said that before us is obviously one of the prototypes, engineering test held in January this year. In any case, he said, Touch ID will be located on the rear panel, and the design of the iPhone 8 will largely overlap with the appearance of the iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 8

The integration of fingerprint scanner with a display could not be implemented due to the very poor quality of the reader and a large number of complaints to its work. Because of this, the iPhone 8 will be similar to the current generation of Apple’s smartphone, but with a very thin side frames. The author wrote that the flagship will be like the prototype, photos of which have previously appeared in the network, but with more glass in the hull.

Apple iPhone 8

As for home speakers Apple with a built-in assistant Siri, the main news was that the accessory will be really similar to Mac Pro 2013, which many have criticized over the original design. In the development there were many versions, including a camera and display, but the final test came the model without these elements.

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An iMac this year will receive a small internal improvement, and in 2018, Apple will seriously upgrade it, including from the design point of view. Rear panel may become black and get more glass in the hull. Will come back and the glowing Apple logo in the form of a small LED panel. A similar situation is with laptops. The current “MacBook” will receive an updated hardware platform, and the insider didn’t tell what specific model will be renewed. Touch panel touch Bar will replace the top row of function keys. In 2018 it will join a qualitatively new type of keyboard with custom keys based on e-ink. Next year will appear and an external keyboard Magic Keyboard with the same functions and touch panel at the top. Rumors of a new MacBook Air still remain rumours.

Apple Magic Keyboard

The most interesting part of the message concerns the company’s plans for 2019. By the time to be finalised on a augmented reality glasses Apple. The last case will be made of cellulose acetate, while it will set headphones with the function of bone conduction, some microphones, a battery and a prism to display the information. Production optics engaged a company from Germany. The built-in accelerometer is designed to detect head movements. On one of the parts of the points are touch area for gesture control of volume and incoming calls.

Apple Glass

Details about the number of new products we will know on 5 June.

Source: 9to5mac.com

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