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Analysts predict sales growth of monoblocks

Analysts predict the growth of sales of desktop in the coming year. According to recent data, in 2016 the pace of implementation of this device class was less comforting than before. Digitimes Research says that users in the past year, less interested in PC type all-in-one, so their sales fell by 4.8% compared to the year 2015: during this period, all were sold 12,11 million units. Interestingly, shipments of traditional PCs showed an even greater fall. Meanwhile, the publishing house assumes that in 2017 the market of mobile PCs will begin to stabilize and will increase by 1.5%.


Probably, this will contribute to the release of new processors from Intel and AMD that will replace its predecessors in one block of the next generations. The researchers expect that this market segment will grow to 10.9%, and in 2018 the share of sales of the candy bars exceed 11%, while segment ordinary PC will decrease by 3% to reach 113,3 million devices sold.

Source: fudzilla.com

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Analysts predict sales growth of monoblocks

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