And 4PDA Xiaomi are preparing to release a joint mobile

Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer Xiaomi and leading Russian site on mobile devices 4PDA announces the release of a joint device — Mi Mix 4PDA Edition. The device will have a unique and recognizable color, on top of the Android 7.1.2 will include special firmware that takes into account the most frequent user feedback. It also will be implemented for the first time a revolutionary experimental technology charging battery due to the generated heat. About the features, read on.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4PDA Edition is an exclusive version of the famous frameless smartphone with lots of improvements and in an exclusive color TechBlue. In addition to piezoelectric speaker and an ultrasonic proximity sensor under the unbreakable display will be integrated fingerprint sensor Synaptics Natural ID. No longer have to look for the sensor on the touch on the rear panel of the device.

Xiaomi и 4PDA готовят к выпуску совместный смартфон

Key features Mi Mix 4PDA Edition hides inside the body: the rear cover apparatus on the inner side is coated with a special gel ChargeUnlim that converts thermal energy into electrical energy. Thanks to this device can be charged even from the warmth of its owner. As shown by preliminary tests of the manufacturer, if you wear the device in a jeans pocket or inside jacket pocket, connect it to the network have a couple of times a week or even less frequently.

Xiaomi и 4PDA готовят к выпуску совместный смартфон

As OS, Android will be installed with subsequent 7.1.2 OTA update to 8.0. Branded firmware 4MIUI is a jointly finalized by the teams MIUI 8. Specifically for developers, testers, and enthusiasts of the device bootloader unlocked, root access out of the box. Users will appreciate a wide range of settings, mode multi-window mode, the ability to connect the device to the big screen and use it as a PC and, of course, built-in services 4PDA.

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The device will be released in may 2017 limited edition 10417 copies. To his honoured members of this forum 4PDA and participants of several competitions, which will be announced later.


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