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Not a phenomenon of the modern gaming industry is just as tight and smooth hatred as DLC. “Cutting money is easy” — surely the commentators write any news about the release of downloadable add-ons. These cries are not quite fair. Downloadable content — not “pumping the bubble”, and it is healthy and for decades (that’s right!) the current practice that allows your favorite entertainment to remain relevant a little longer. Of course, there are nasty examples where the game is cut into pieces in order to sell in parts — but this approach is not practised by all.

If you carefully follow the news, you probably know that yesterday in digital PlayStation store debut “sabotage” — a recent addition to Call of Duty: aerial Warfare. The news release was accompanied by a restrained commentary, which largely were provoked by the stereotypes that the “DLC is evil”. Now we have to convince the opposite — do not believe? Challenge accepted!


Historical context

In itself the view that the additions — the fruit of the atrocities of modern corporations and General insanity on money is fundamentally wrong. Addons for the games was… the 80s. Seriously, in 1981 for the first part of Temple of Apshai came up with quite a current addition: Dunjonquest: Upper Reaches of Apshai. Spread it on magnetic tapes or diskettes, and “poured” on top of the original game. And even in this decade for the Atari 2600 you could buy a GameLine and download the game via the telephone cable. As you can see, the industry was ready for the DLC even during the Brezhnev era.

А можно добавки? Правда и вымысел о DLC для Call of Duty

But the breakthrough, of course, did not happen — there is a lot of downloads on the phone. The relative standard managed to form SEGA with their terribly underrated Dreamcast: the console could go online, and there — hanging out in their services, where they were including a simple extension. That is simple — a full addon in 1999, not download, so the developers released something in between the normal versions and the “new caps”.

Then what happened with the Dreamcast — we all know. But DLC fate was better — and that word “thank you” flies in the Microsoft office. In 2001, the world broke box Xbox in 2002 — has learned to go into Xbox Live (the service is much older than you thought). About the same time and there was — Yes — the DLC: you can download some extension for Splinter Cell or Ninja Gaiden. Addons, however, was small, and therefore free — technology just run in and take the money for two new weapons was considered bad manners.

А можно добавки? Правда и вымысел о DLC для Call of Duty

Computers also reigned downloadable disco: even if not to take into account fashion, you can remember the game Total Annihilation. This strategy every month got something new — for example, units. But the best additions were on the disks, called add — ons- sometimes they are tightened stronger than the original project. If you appreciated the debut of Call of Duty, most of all, remember United Offensive is a great addition, where, in particular, was a battle in the Central square of Kharkov and great for the time multiplayer mode. And, though United Offensive and call regular DLC, so unsettled that almost all the parts of Call of Duty out the downloadable content — and it was not a pity to spend the money.

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And evil-where?

Strictly speaking, the DLC (and any extensions) should be assessed according to two criteria. The first — actually, the amount and quality of Supplement. The second ethical side of the issue. It is no secret that some companies do not hesitate right before the release to cut the game into pieces in order to sell three to four times. Or share the finished product, but with blocked functions — they will only open after an additional twenty dollars in the Bank authors. In the second case, of course, DLC is evil. Bought a jacket, but to unbutton the third pocket, should pay.

А можно добавки? Правда и вымысел о DLC для Call of Duty

However, if the first criterion all is well, supplements become a lifeline that you threw developers. Take the same Call of Duty is the emotional state, but, alas, fleeting attraction. A few days the brightest single celebration, and then the final credits. To help quickly comes to multiplayer, immediately sit down to nightly battles — you kick different places of the enemies, gaining perks, grow in levels. Word — doing business, albeit a virtual one. But after a couple of months stale cards: studied far and wide, all the loopholes have long examined and “nychka” and shelters for campers — declassified.

Then come to the aid of DLC: Black Ops II managed to considerably refresh the content pack Revolution, which included a bunch of cards (including and to survive), weapons, and even a new mode. Well, not to forget the small but extremely fun expansion for Call of Duty: Ghosts — you paid three dollars, and the game said… the voice of Snoop Dogg. The rap star announced the most action in multiplayer. Speak for yourself: the game became much more fun.

[embedded content]

Of course, there are DLC different plan — for example, story. These extensions are usually very large and therefore expensive — but worth the money. In 2016, the year fans of the Witcher rushed to pump “Blood and wine” is truly a landmark DLC, which returned Geralt in our lives for a good fifty hours. And fans of the Elder Scrolls series must be the most loyal to supplements people without charming Bloodmoon or Shivering Isles, it is difficult to imagine Morrowind and Oblivion respectively. So to join the camp “DLC-haters” — then, voluntarily deny themselves the pleasure of a new look at your favorite game (or just once again to return to it).

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Announce the list

If the plot Addons users have got used here to the (relatively) content — yet. While these additions are no worse than those that send you to a scripted trips. The point is that some of the games live through multiplayer battles: including the aforementioned Call of Duty. Usually a single in this series — at least a hundred times bright and full in the prologue to this battle. The one on the servers and maps. Who played hundreds of hours in Advanced Warfare, he will understand any additive significantly changes the process. Some mean parochial grenade, joined the ranks of ammunition can significantly affect the game balance — taught, know. And it will have to adapt — learn new mechanisms for handling weapons (and vulnerable bodies of their opponents).

А можно добавки? Правда и вымысел о DLC для Call of Duty

Card — a hundred times more complicated. This is in single player the levels almost do not pay attention — luxury city and country (and even Infinite Warfare of the planet) rush past with a deafening whistle, not giving a second and for a detailed excursion. Online is different — you remember all the cracks and hollows, and learn to use every element of the landscape for good. At some point I want a new challenge — and here is the way podozrevaet a fresh set of cards: for a small, in General, the price you get a space for further maneuvers can be re spend sleepless nights looking for “the nook” for the crafty snaiperista. And so until the next big pack.

Another important point: the feeling of exclusivity that it gives you content DLC. Yes, we love “Blood and wine”, but this is another Chapter in the epic Saga about Geralt. In games where reigns competitive multiplayer are all wired differently — what you enjoy, in fact, the study, wins and, ultimately, superiority over other players. This does not mean that you’re a self — serving narcissist. No, just the battle online — a real sport, and it is unthinkable without losing one of the parties. And not to be a loser, it is not enough to train — need to be technically equipped to develop new maps, weapons, classes and mechanics. Some would call it cheating, but it would hardly be right: just imagine what you and your friends “sitting” on some popular TV series, and you suddenly fall into the hands of the Director’s cut with comments. You will learn more about their favorite characters, the scene and, perhaps, the nuances of shooting — it will help you to feel better TV show. So why games should be any different?

[embedded content]

Let us examine a fresh example — “Sabotage” for Infinite Warfare. Shooter about a futuristic strife in space has been enriched with four cards: one for sure will be loved by fans of Modern Warfare 2, the second will appeal to followers of “blade Runner” (and cyberpunk in General), and the other two — just a cool site for endless virtual carnage. But the cards is only part of the DLC.

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The second piece — a new Chapter about annihilation zombies. Called Rave in the Redwoods — the title already betrays the spirit of the 90s, don’t you think? The Ravers, disco with Ghost-white dance, acid DJ… in Fact, it is so that it happens in the youth camp, located somewhere in the woods. At the heart of this nightmare — Kevin Smith — icon of the 90’s and zero, which will help you in every possible way. Of course, if you need to take the advice of Silent Bob. For regular readers: zombie rave version of Infinity Ward before full of references to iconic horror movies, which we now collect this in a separate article (and would have sufficed for all two or three).

[embedded content]

Zombie generally a favorite fetish of the creators of Call of Duty. Since World at War, Black Ops trilogy and, in fact, Infinite Warfare Activision in this thread are paying attention. Nice, now we get not one, but two story campaign at a time: the usual — the mighty heroes, treacherous villains and pretentious script, and the second is a little more relaxed — about the walking dead and muddy types in no less murky circumstances. They jump from the secret laboratories in Stalingrad during the great Patriotic war and constantly get into trouble of various degrees of survival. Infinite Warfare in this respect goes further: first gnilitsy attacked in bed 80s, and now lit up to the party Ravers of the 90s, but what will happen is one insane film Director known. The main villain, after all- go here to foresee.


Stayin’ alive

What is the result? Relatively inexpensive, but bulky injection in the body is Infinite Warfare. And a new experience for multiplayer and custom zombies-mode with the participation of cult Director of “Clerks” and “Dogma”. Perhaps the DLC should be either such or like in “the Witcher” — pointless to argue with that.

А можно добавки? Правда и вымысел о DLC для Call of Duty

Of course, not everything always happens as planned, since I’ve been there. We also annoying when the game offers obsessive to shell out for caps and jackets for the minor characters. We are not called upon to write in a famous life simulation of a few million rubles to collect a full set of drawers. But there is no reason to deny the DLC as a format — with the right approach it is a very good option to breathe new life into your favorite project (or make it Shine with new faces).

Download Infinite Warfare “Sabotage”

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