10243 Android Go is not a new version of Android

Android Go is not a new version of Android

At the conference for developers I/O 2017 Google announced a new initiative for the production of available devices running Android is Android Go. The company announced that it is the symbiosis of optimized operating system, applications and services Google Play, is designed to work on devices with RAM of about 1 GB. Due to lack of information, many have decided that it is a replacement for the Android One, or a special version of Android. Google Vice President of product management for Android and Google Play Sameer Samat decided to clarify the situation.

Google Android Go

According to Samir Samat, Android Go is not a replacement for the Android One, or a separate version of Android. This is the configuration that OEMs can use to create smartphones with 1GB or less RAM. It allows you to disable some resource intensive functions, includes a pre-installed special versions of some Google apps with a reduced consumption of resources and promoting similar third-party applications.

Google Android Go

Thus, when creating a budget device with a small amount of RAM the manufacturer can use Android Go to ensure the smooth operation of the system. While content creators do not need to write separate versions of apps to work on such devices.

It is possible that the efforts of third-party Android developers Go will be available on more expensive devices.

Source: slashgear.com

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