Andromeda OS — new system from Microsoft?


Andromeda OS — new system from Microsoft?

The concept of “One Windows”, launched in Windows 10 will come to a new level with this project, known within Microsoft as “Andromeda OS”. It needs to turn desktop OS Microsoft modular platform that is much more adapted to modern realities and devices.

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Andromeda OS

Windows for 30 years. The product is ancient by today’s standards. As a result, she is filled with features, capabilities and components that simply are not needed on some modern devices. In a world where new devices come out constantly, Windows is too sluggish and unable to quickly adapt to trends. A striking example of this are smart phones and smart watches. Microsoft knows about this problem, so in the depths of preparing a way to resolve the situation.

windows 10Over the past few months there were reports about the so-called “Andromeda OS”. According to sources Windows Central, Andromeda OS is a monumental step in the development of Windows 10 on the way to creating a truly universal operating system. In short, Andromeda OS is the common denominator for Windows, which works on any type of device or architecture with modular extensions, which give these devices the necessary options and functions.

The purpose of the project

The main goal is a more flexible Windows 10, without specific dependencies. As a result, the system will develop faster devices it will not suffer from the burden of unnecessary components, and work faster and more efficiently. At the moment, OneCore and the UWP is the only two components that are truly universal. Everything else – the specific Windows for specific types of devices. For example, parts of Win32, which is available only on computers but not on smartphones. With the release of Andromeda OS Microsoft want to get rid of these options and turn Windows 10 into a fully modular platform by breaking the system into individual components.

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Consequently, separate product-versions Windows 10 such as Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 for Xbox One, are simply unnecessary. Andromeda OS will allow Microsoft to quickly configure the build for specific device without having to create a separate version of Windows 10. Now Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile – two different OS, which is shared only OneCore and the UWP. But the operating systems themselves are different. With Andromeda OS developers, it is sufficient to take the basic OS, to cut from it unnecessary components and then add those that are necessary for the modern smartphone.

Andromeda OS opens the door to new configurations that were not previously possible. Yes, the world will continue to exist several versions of Windows 10, like Professional or Enterprise. Microsoft will not get rid of this, and will not reduce the emphasis on desktop computers with the release of Andromeda OS. This project will be focused primarily on mobile devices and will appear sometime in 2018. Theoretical Surface Phone with Andromeda OS will not work on desktop Windows 10, and will not work on Windows 10 Mobile. This device will be used just Windows 10 with the components that Microsoft sees fit to use. They can include Win32 and the ability to run classic desktop applications in Continuum mode. And maybe not include.

Rumors say that the first version of the Andromeda OS will be focused on mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets and wearable electronics. Andromeda OS for computers and the Xbox will appear later. With Composable Shell Andromeda OS will give Microsoft a big leap forward in their attempts to create a truly unified version of Windows. In addition to developing the OS itself, Microsoft is preparing a new mobile device, which inside the company known simply as Andromeda. Maybe Microsoft will show it together with the operating system as a reference device to demonstrate what should be similar device.

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And can again cancel

It is also worth noting that the Andromeda OS is a secretive project that no one will openly promote. Most likely, on the surface, the operating system will remain without visible changes for the average user, but structural changes inside will be very significant. At the moment it all sounds very abstract and slightly blurry, but as you get closer to the release we find out more details.


And don’t forget that Microsoft is Microsoft. Microsoft never changes, so there is no denying the fact that the company could change their mind and cancel once they canceled the Surface Mini, as once cancelled the Nokia Moonraker, as once canceled Nokia McLaren and once cancelled a joint project with Intel on the mysterious Surface Phone. Let’s see where the company will bring its main flagship product and that this just happens.

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