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Appeared on YouTube mobile online translation


Follow Twitter and Instagram feature online broadcasts appeared in the mobile YouTube app. However, this innovation is available only to those on whose line signed by at least 10,000 subscribers, but in the future any user, regardless of the number of subscribers and the popularity of the channel, will be able to broadcast. Note that in the web version of YouTube available since 2011, whereas in mobile client Google began testing this feature last summer amongst a small number of iOS users.

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“Our mobile online translation uses huge infrastructure of YouTube, which means that it will be fast and reliable. This is the same YouTube that you know and love. And we cooperate with hundreds of content creators, to improve the quality of mobile broadcasts, while they carry out broadcast or receive calls in real-time from their fans”, – is spoken in the message Google.

To start the stream immediately after entry into the YouTube app. The stream can be done in public or private, to activate the chat and notify subscribers about the beginning. After the end of the broadcast it will be saved on the channel in plain of the video, as it happens in the web version of YouTube.


Google also added in the mobile online translation of the so-called “Super chat”, where users can highlight their posts for real money, thereby supporting your favorite blogger. Today, this function is available to content creators in over 20 countries, and for viewers in 40 countries.

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Mobile online translation in YouTube is already available in Russia, a “Super chat” will appear later.

Source: techcrunch.com

Appeared on YouTube mobile online translation

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