11356 Apple announced a complete redesign of the App Store

Apple announced a complete redesign of the App Store

Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice President of marketing at Apple, in the framework of the WWDC 2017 and premiere iOS 11 said that weekly App Store has more than 500 million people who for all time downloaded 180 billion apps, excluding updates and re-downloads. The company decided that it is time to completely rethink the App Store, but because the scene was presented entirely new and optimized App store.

App Store

The entire store is divided into several thematic tabs, which apps, games and other content will be presented in the form of large colourful cards with the name. In the Today tab, users will see fresh and up to date innovations, for example, the game Monument Valley 2.

Apple App Store

Games and applications were divided for the convenience of users and moved to a separate tab of the same name.

Apple App Store

App Store now contains thematic guides, stories of Apple developers, as well as thematic cards “app of the day”, “Game day”, “Rating days”. Was offered some new features for developers, for example, the phase update of the application. An important innovation for everyday users – the opportunity to make an in-app purchase and buy the DLC directly through the App Store. Currently, such actions are available only within the application or game.

Apple App Store

Updated App Store will be available only on devices with iOS 11.

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