Apple devices can get a titanium case

Eugene Lubnicki


Apple devices can get a titanium case

Every smartphone manufacturer is constantly getting patents on a huge number of ideas, and Apple is in this business one of the leading positions.

Recently it became known that “Apple” manufacturer has registered a patent that describes the use of titanium alloy to create the device, Apple.

Устройства Apple могут получить титановые корпуса - фотоIn the future, titanium alloy will replace aluminum. This material is very durable and can be used to create buildings of smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart watches.

In the patent Apple describes a method of processing and anodizing of metal components by means of vacuum deposition particles. Through the use of Titan, “Apple” devices will become not only stronger, but also easier.

Perhaps the only obstacle to Apple engineers is higher cost of production of titanium housings that will cause a General increase in prices for these devices.

We will remind, recently bloggers TechRax and XEETECHCARE compared the crash test Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7.

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