Apple display X iPhone can invert colors and fade

Apple display X iPhone can invert colors and fade

Apple has posted a document that talks about the features of OLED displays. In the document the company advises not to leave the smartphone display at maximum brightness, as there is the possibility of “burnout” of the image.

Also says that the iPhone X has the best OLED display, which is until today used in smartphones. However, it is also subject to a “slight visual change.” It’s not just about “burnout” image, but that at different angles, the display device may invert the colours.

What is most interesting, if in the official document States that this display behavior is almost the norm, whether it will be the occasion for warranty service? It remains a mystery.

Let me remind you that the same problem had arisen in the smartphone Google Pixel 2 XL. After a heap of complaints from users, Google has released the update in which the brightness of low-level code.


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