11480 Apple introduced the "smart" phonics for home and called it HomePod

Apple introduced the “smart” phonics for home and called it HomePod

Apple представила «умную» акустику для дома и назвала ее HomePod

One of the innovations expected in the WWDC conference 2017 was the first intelligent sound system Apple called HomePod. A new column is positioned not in the role of a smart assistant who knows how to turn on the music, but as a complete portable home audio system with tuned sound, voice chips and trendy features.

Features of the structure

Feature HomePod eight arranged in a circle speakers. This creates a 360-degree surround sound. In addition, the built-in sensors analyze the space around the system and adjust it to the size of the room. A separate analysis lends itself to each playable song is “smart” column runs it through your EQ and getting the best sound option.


Voice assistant

HomePod got assistant Siri. In addition to the standard functions and skills, voice assistant taught to perform additional steps. For example, while listening to the track, Siri can find information about its author, title, release date and other things.

What’s inside

With dimensions of 172×142 mm weight 2.5 kg, smart sound system HomePod feature the brand new Apple A8 processor, which is in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Her responsibilities include processing the data from all six microphones and control over the noise reduction system.


Release date and price

HomePod will be on sale in December, black and white colors at a price of $ 350. First smart column will come to the markets of USA, UK and Australia. And at the beginning of 2018, the year there will be in other countries. First HomePod will only support English. On the implementation of other languages, nothing is known.

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