11360 Apple iOS 11: support AR Apple Pay in iMessage and other innovations

Apple iOS 11: support AR Apple Pay in iMessage and other innovations

At WWDC 2017 Apple said that 96% of users satisfied with iOS 10, which is installed on 86% of supported devices, and introduced a new operating system iOS 11. So, the update will bring a redesigned app iMessage-optimized interface and synchronization between all the devices on macOS and iOS. The program changed the panel stickers and added integration with Apple Pay, the payment system has got the support of transactions between users.

WWDC 2017 WWDC 2017

At the presentation commented that the voice assistant Siri are 375 million users. In iOS 11 the assistant will speak a new, more alive voice. Now Siri will be able to instantly translate phrases into Chinese, French, Italian, German and Spanish. The developers have provided a new package Kit for Siri advanced Siri integration with third-party applications.

WWDC 2017

With the upgrade to iOS 11 gadgets will be able to take pictures and video with a new compression formats. Thus, the file size will be reduced in two times. The new version of Apple’s OS adds Depth API for developers – now they will be able to use new features in their programs. Apple has also optimized shooting in low-light conditions, improved stabilization, flash and HDR.

Users will be able to edit “real” photos, choose among the basic frame animation to create “boomerangs” and the endless repetition. In addition, the Photos app will combine photos based on events, select the best shots with individuals and create an interactive slide show.

WWDC 2017

The most important innovation of iOS 11 company called redesigned control panel in the form of tiles. The changes affected the lock screen.

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In the news app you can now create a range of interests, noting most informative article. Apple also decided to update the signature mapping service, adding to schema, stores, shopping malls and airports. In the navigation mode, users will be able to see the speed limit and following turns. Motorists enjoy the new screen music for drive mode and “do Not disturb the trip.” The latter will be automatically enabled to find the corresponding Bluetooth connection. In the mode of travel when messages are received, the smartphone will send an alert that the owner will answer later.

WWDC 2017

The company demonstrated updating HomeKit, adding gadgets from a number of new producers. Inside the app HomeKit now allows you to control speakers and broadcast your music with AirPlay 2.0. In the Music app, users will find the button to add to playlist, AirPlay.

WWDC 2017

Another new feature is Apple Music. Cupertinos stated that on service signed on 27 million users. Users will be able to see what are listening to their friends from your contacts list, and the developers opened a new API for application integration.

WWDC 2017

Developers are also interested in new machine learning API with support for eye tracking and recognition applications. The company released a separate development environment for augmented reality. On demo, Apple showed how new API, you can add virtual objects in real time on the video camera.

The final version of the new iOS 11 will be available this fall, but beta testing will begin in June.

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