18438 Apple iPhone 8 has been tested to maintainability

Apple iPhone 8 has been tested to maintainability

Experts popular resource iFixit has published a report on the disassembly of the iPhone 8 and announced its verdict on the maintainability of the device. Externally, the novelty differs little from last year’s iPhone 7. The most notable change is the glass back cover. Such a step, Apple went for the introduction of wireless charging technology. Employees iFixit found inside the iPhone 8 and how easy is it to fix — read on.

Disassembly iPhone 8, like previous models, begins with careful connection of the screen. For this, the researchers used a set of special instruments. Inside the iFixit staff discovered the battery capacity of 1 mAh 821. For comparison, the iPhone 7 was installed the battery in 1 960 mAh. They also confirmed the presence of 2 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon MDM9656 X16 LTE.

One of the advantages of the Assembly 8 iPhone iFixit experts noted the ease of replacement of the display and the battery (two of the most frequently replaced components) and the emergence of wireless charging capabilities, allowing you to reduce the load on the Lightning connector that serves not only for charging but also headphones.

Filters dust and water is a bit harder to repair. In the Assembly of the smartphone and even use standard screws Phillips/JIS, but the company uses four different types of parts, which increases the disassembly process. Not like the iFixit staff the complexity of replacing the back glass cover and components on the bottom of the device.

Apple iPhone 8

According to the results of disassembling the resource iFixit has put the iPhone 8 only 6 points out of 10 on a scale of maintainability. At last year’s iPhone 7 rating was one point higher.

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Disassembly iPhone 8 from iFixit

Source: ifixit.com

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