Apple overtook Samsung and became the largest smartphone vendor

Eugene Lubnicki


Apple overtook Samsung and became the largest smartphone vendor

Apple by the end of the 4th quarter of 2016 became the largest smartphone vendor in the world. These data were provided by the analytical company Strategy Analytics.

For the 4th quarter 2016 “Apple” the company has shipped to 78.3 million smartphones, while Samsung, this figure reached 77.5 million However, if we consider the figures for 2016, the leadership remains for Samsung. Last year the South Korean company managed to sell 309,4 million smartphones, which is 20.8% of the market. Apple’s annual average is 215.4 million smartphones with a market share of 14.5%.

It is worth noting that compared to 2015 the two companies worsened the performance. Apple sold 16.1 million smartphones less, and Samsung – 10.3 million units. If to speak about other manufacturers, Huawei have managed to achieve a 9.3% market reach, Oppo and Vivo were in fourth and fifth place with results of 5.7% and 4.8%.

Overall, sales of smartphones in the world in 2016, increased by 3% and reached 1.5 billion devices.

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