22384 Apple has acquired the makers of the unique VR headset

Apple has acquired the makers of the unique VR headset

The company Apple acquired for the second year of a major startup that is associated with developments in the field of virtual and augmented realities. The first was SMI specialized in the technology of eye tracking for VR headsets. Now, however, Apple has consumed the canadian Vrvana firm, engaged in the development and manufacture of virtual reality helmets. This company is known by the Totem headset that has some unique features.

Vrvana TotemVrvana Totem

Unlike analog, helmet Vrvana Totem supports two streams, between which you can switch: one of the virtual reality and the other out of the ordinary. This allows you to see the surrounding area during the game or to overlay images on top of each other (AR). In addition, the helmet determines one’s position in space without the use of external sensors.

The achievements of the company Vrvana can be used to create slam Apple. According to rumors, the device will present in 2020.

Source: neowin.net

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