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Apple spoke about the important innovations in iOS 11

As expected, Apple introduced the final version of iOS 11 during the official presentation, which also showed the new iPhone, including iPhone jubilee Xwatch Apple Watch Series 3 and PlayStation Apple TV 4K. Despite the leak of iOS Golden Master 11 and that of the most features fresh OS was already known before the event, “cupertinos” still found something to surprise and something to tell.

Camera: video and photography

2017-09-12 Apple

iOS 11 brings with it the function of Portrait Lighting, which will improve the quality of photos in portrait mode footage as the main and front camera. With its help, you can experiment with lighting and depth: the function is able to simulate such effects as contour light, natural light, Studio lighting and offers a few more options. In addition, the user is prompted to try a set of filters for photo processing. Compression technology is a new generation committed to ensuring that images of high quality which will occupy half as much space. And to create “live” photos of the available effects “Loop”, “Pendulum” and long exposure.

With regard to video recording mode, the user will be available to record videos in Full HD at 240 frames per second and 4K at 60 frames per second. iOS 11 will bring users improved stabilization, flash and HDR. The function of True Tone, moved from the new iPad, will measure the ambient light and, based on this, adapt the colors on your smartphone display.

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Scanner Face ID

Apple Face ID

To replace the already familiar Touch ID came scanner Face ID. At system startup the new iPhone X offers point and “fit” person in the designated part of the area on the screen. Then start the process of creating a digital portrait of the owner. When you are scanning a user’s face in future iOS 11 will match the image on the main points of the beacons, and then decide who is actually holding a smartphone — the owner or a stranger. The system is difficult to cheat: she’s not falling for “photos” or change of image. The probability of false unlocking an iPhone is possible only in one case out of a million.

Communication Face ID with all the smartphone features close. It also covers payment system Pay Apple. Therefore, to ensure greater security, the smart phone from time to time in stealth mode to identify the user. This will allow you to limit access to personal data and, if necessary, to block the system.

The Home Button

Apple iPhone X

Some of the functions of the missing “Home” button in the new iPhone X will take the side key. With its help you can switch between applications, to activate Apple Pay double-clicking to call up Siri by holding. To switch apps you swipe through the multitasking view.

Animated Emoji

Apple Animoji

To chat with friends on iMessage will be more interesting, and all thanks to the Face ID. Using the system you can create and voice their own unique animated animalsi. They will closely monitor the voice and facial expressions, capturing every nuance in order to convey emotion.

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Augmented reality

Apple A11 Bionic

During the presentation, “cupertinos” also paid attention to the support of augmented reality. For processing camera images and works augmented reality Apple A11 uses a dedicated ISP chip, and for connection to the network answer modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE Advanced. The new iPhone support the engine Metal 2. It is expected that soon Apple will release the first game on the basis of the presented technologies.

Recall, iOS 11 will be released on September 19.

Source: 4pda.ru

Apple spoke about the important innovations in iOS 11

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